Friend or Lover?

Eumm, where I should start? I just wanna tell 1st,
that me and my ‘blind date guy’ are getting closer, but no special feeling. . .
Hehehe :p

Actually, I don’t know. Am i really not interested yet, or I’m afraid to confess that I’ve already interested?
Ckckck,,still afraid of a man (traumatic). . .

My friend asked me to meet. . .
I don’t think it was a date. . .
He is one of my close friend,
but I didn’t believe,
that day he told about his feeling,
he said he love me. . .
Oh my goodness!!!

He was released a very sweet song at the end of 2008,
Eumm, i don’t really remember,
but approximately on November. . .
that day, I knew from him that “Like An Angel” (the title of the song) was created for me!!!

At the end of our meeting, he gave me a CD which record 2 songs,
FOR ME (AGAIN). . .”Like An Angel” and “Jangan Tinggalkanku”. . .
They were made me frustrated. . .

No one ever made me a song,
but, I never expect for him!!
he is my friend, not more, and can’t more. . .
then I’m afraid if I make a wrong step in our relationship. . .
I don’t wanna lose a friend like him. . .
I don’t want he fell broken like I was. . .
(when I’m in love to someone who never consider,but he always act like he can answer my feeling. . .and it was very, very PAINFUL. . .)

This boy is trying to convince me, that he can be more than just a friend,
oh God,, I CAN’T!!!
Till today I’m still confuse,what should I do???


About Pradini Puspitaningayu

a big, big, big dreamer

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