TBI’s Orator Speech Contest 2009

At that time, I were a student of The British Institute, an independent english course which its main office is in Bandung, West Java. This month, TBI held a speech contest for their students to celebrate TBI’s anniversary. I also interested in this contest, so I got prepared a speech for this competition. But, silly thing, I was spent a night in my friend’s (Tika) house, because she was lonely, her sister wouldn’t go home that night. In the evening, I can’t sleep at all, I kept read my script, and practise. Untill the next day (the day of the competition), I felt a little bit tired and sleepy, so I take a nap for a while. Then suddenly, I woke up at 3 PM, and I’ve late, because the competition was at 12!! Oh my God! I ran to TBI, I didn’t bring a motorbike, 20 minutes to TBI from Tika’s house, and I’ve definitely late, they couldn’t allow me to join again. Hwaaaaaaa,, stupid!!! 😀 . So, I think my script will be more valuable if I write it to this blog since I don’t have any chance to speech, hahahah :D.

Global Communication

First, I want to say thank’s for the opportunity that gave to me to deliver my speech about global communication. Nowadays we live in an era that is often referred to as the Information Age. It means that communication in a global world is an important thing to connect people everywhere in a whole world without any space. The process of distributing information can be divided into several categories. Telecommunications perhaps the most extensive of these categories. What is telecommunication? Many definition of these process have been given over the years. To begin with, the prefix tele- is derived from Greek meaning for “at distance”.

Historically, telecommunication encompassed the telegraph system, invented by Samuel Morse in 1854. Then Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone in 1876 led to the growth of telephone system, which further extended our ability to communicate “at a distance”. PoTS (Plain old Telephone System) is the simplest telephone system that each user must have a wire to communicate with other user one by one, if you want to connected with 5 users, you have to prepare 5 different cables, it must be spent a lot of wire if we want to communicate with lot of people. Because of PoTS’s weaknesses, PSTN came as a solution, PSTN stand from Public Switch Telephone Network. Several subscriber connected in a switch which has functions for regulate traffic, voice transmission, and signalling at once. So we only needs a wire which is connected to a switch but we still able to call others, and a switch to other switch is connected by a trunk. Then, at the end of 20th century, ISDN was introduced. It stands from Integrated Services Digital Network. ISDN is a service that is able to handle communication not only for voice but also non-voice such as data, pictures, and videos. They were integrated in a network and using digital transmission end-to-end and connected to ATM network.

That was some examples about wireline communication, the other type is wireless communication which is more popular. Wireless communication also more flexible than wireline. For the simplest example is your cell phone. Behind the cell phone, there are many systems support it. GSM stands from Global System for Mobile Communication has many generations with different each other (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G in research), WCDMA (Wideband CDMA) , CDMA, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, and many more.

Actually that were only a little type of communication technologies, there are still many types that I can’t explain now. But, we know, every step brings their own consequences, including the huge development of global communication. If we look from the positive side, we will get many advantages, we can access any information whenever and wherever we are. Many transactions are also become easier because of the development of them. But, in negative side, we also can find disadvantages, such as, we need some equipments which consume a lot of power supply, and the worst is every people can access any kind of info, including the kids. Well, we must have a filter for our self and also for our family. Let the good things pass, and stop the bad things.

Well, that was my speech, hopefully can bring a new knowledge and vision for all of us. Thank’s for your attention.

Good afternoon.


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  1. Nice script, but unfortunately you couldn’t make it 😦 . Keep writing! 🙂

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