Akemashite Omedetou! 2011!! ^^

Hahaha, maybe it’s too old to congratulate for new year, but I still wanna say “Happy new year 2011 for everybody!” 🙂

Anyway, it’s been several months I forgot about blog, until I forget my old blog account, either the username and the password. I think I wanna start a new one, so I make a new account here. I hope everybody can enjoy my blog, hehehe 🙂

I’ve been working for 4 months in one of Korean Electronics company since September 2010. At the first time, I was incharged as software developer. Arrrgghhhh, since I was a college student, I do hate programming! And this position, I couldn’t enjoy that, and I couldn’t stop thinking about my future here. But finally, I got a position which I think I can adapted and feel more comfortable with that. I become a software engineer here. My job description are documented all software development process, maintain, build infrastructure, and control the software quality. Quite interesting, and I think it’s quite fit on me who’s perfectionist, so I won’t let any defect get away from my sight :p

Hmmmm…. My periode as a single will be over soon. A month later I’ll become someone’s wife. Wow, my feeling is complicated, between happy and worry. I’m afraid I can not make my beloved man happy, I really wish that my precense will make him more happy and colorful, amin… 🙂

Oke lah, gotta back to work! Otsukare sama desu! Ganbaru yooo!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


About Pradini Puspitaningayu

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  1. Aamiiin. .
    I wish u r successfull on ur life, always wish the best 4 u 😉

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