Electrical Engineering in Brawijaya University

Since I’m an electrical engineering student, one of post would like to tell you about my department in college. electrical engineering department (usually) is a part of engineering faculty in a university. In the first until third semester we will study about the basic of electrical engineering, we’ll meet lessons about electric circuit, calculus, physics, basic electrical engineering, conversion of electrical energy, basic digital technique, basic computer programming, etc. At the fourth semester we’ll be able to choose our major study, there are electrical power, electronics, telecommunications, control, and information technology engineering.

In electrical power engineering we’ll learn more about how to maintain the power of electricity, how to work with some electrical machines, make deal with transformators, generators, etc. In electronics engineering we learn about electronics equipment how to maintain it and use the low power of electricity in many our life. In telecommunication engineering (this is my major) we learn about many methods for telecommunication, about networking, multimedia, and propagation. In control engineering we learn about control methodology like PI, PID, and fuzzy. And then last but not least is computer engineering which learn about programming, web design, database, and IT management…

I am very proud to be a part of Electrical Engineering Bwaijaya University, I do love my friends and my lecturer there. But now I already graduated, and I am ready to show the world, that I am an engineer! 🙂


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