Andrea Hirata — Tetralogy of Laskar Pelangi

Laskar Pelangi

This is the first book of Andrea Hirata. Published by Bentang Pustaka in 2005. I read this book in the middle of 2007 and I found that this is an awesome book! A very emotional and touching effort from a group of kids who named themselves “Laskar Pelangi” or “Rainbow Troops” (this is an english version of Laskar Pelangi). This book tells about how hard being an educated person in Belitong, especially for the poor people. A drama about Lintang who has to quit from school although he was the most brilliant student in the class. It’s amazing! I promise I’ll treasure this book and make my children read them someday. This book has taken for a movie and directed by Riri Riza. I’ve read this book in 2008.

SCORE = 95/100

Sang Pemimpi

The second book of Andrea Hirata brings a lot of fun and added by sweet childhood love story. When Ikal is madly fall in love with A Ling. This book tells about another friendship, Ikal, his cousin Arai, and Jimbron when they’re in highschool. Those three have a very funny moment together, about how bad they are and made the headmaster really angry until chase him in a fish market 😀 . And after they’re graduated, they have to be separated because Ikal and Arai moved in the university. Sang Pemimpi doesn’t forget to tell about complicated childhood love story of Ikal and A Ling. I’ve read this book in 2008.

SCORE = 85/100


The third book of Andrea Hirata tells about Ikal and Arai’s experience of going abroad. They got a master scholarship in France, their dream country. Just like the previous book, funny and smart! The hilarious story is when Ikal and Arai come to death memorial of Jim Morrison – a famous rock star – held by his fans, and Arai said some words that should be a memorial words of Jim Morrison, but it was a poem for Zakiyah Nurmala – a girl he had a crushed in high school – and he read it in Indonesian! What a joke! 😀 . But in the end, Arai has to come back to Indonesia because he has a problem with his health, and he may not be able to continue his master degree. 😦 I’ve read this book in 2009.

SCORE = 88/100

Maryamah Karpov

And here it comes, the fourth and the last book of Tetralogy of Laskar Pelangi. Maryamah Karpov tells a story after Ikal finished his master degree and come back to Belitong. He is still madly in love with A Ling, he even dare his self to search A Ling in Batuan Island, and island which really dangerous and spooky.Badly, in my opinion, this book is not as good as the previous book. Or maybe I just get bored about crazy love story between those two. And it’s not even tell a lot about Maryamah, a woman who great in play chess. But the good side of Andrea Hirata, he always clever to insert cultural value in every single chapter, and it helps this book still feel crunchy till the end. 🙂 I’ve read this book in 2009.

SCORE = 75/100


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  1. where could I get the synopsis of this tetralogy? I kinda reluctant to read novels inspite of being curious about the story… XD

    • Haha, you should read them all, very recommended, synopsis can’t tell everything either the movies.. It describe many cultural aspects of Melayu people, funny but smart 😉

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