Oh my beloved country!

Dear my beautiful country, you are so beautiful, I’m so grateful to live in this country. We have fertile soil, rich sea, and many human resources. But why we still trapped in poverty? Being a part of the third world, poverty, uneducated children, and unemployed people is increased year by year. Since 1988, when revolution has begun, what’s the difference? I mean a good effect in this country? 😦

I am fed up with news, from television, newspaper, magazines, radio. They all said about many bad things. Anarchy demonstration, bombardment, traded law, corrupt government, forrest burnt, culture stolen, separatist action, aarrrgghhh, I can not write all of them down, too many! 😦

Few days ago I watch some videos about someone who documented the effect of globalization for this world. This thing’s just widen the gap between the poor and the rich people. My government never protect their people, they even make a legal law to the sake of investors. They give many legal privilages for the one who gives them money for their own bussiness. Hey, this is a corruption! 😥

I think it’s only a way to overtake this rich country. Western is always envy to my country since hundred years ago. Now they come with the new face. They involve my country through our greedy government!! 😥

Dear God, please help my beloved country, take us from this hypocrisy. This life is only fantasy, the real life is in Your hereafter, and lead us to Your heaven, far from this fake life… 🙂


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  1. Hey, yesterday the old banten visit, one of paint and some writings kinda got me realized , much more than i realize the other days, this country we stay…. jeez… it is Huge, a super massive rich country.

    in 15th, at time when world trades were started to point on spices than gold… we really ruled the world >_<

    news, chaos, riots, political issues.. not that i don't care, i just prefer a better view of my beloved country which i might get it from some history of it and its nature 😉

    jalan2 yuukk 😀

    sorry for babbling here heheh 😉 nice sharing though neng 😉

    • Merinding deh kalo keinget negeriparabedebah ini,, bistrip membuatku semakin sadar betapa parah ketertinggalan kita 😦
      Seorang trainer di HQ berkata padaku “Work hard, pay tax for your country, so they can make a subway” (ceritanya pas itu lg ngomongin transportasi umum),, aku pun tersentak, dan miris, dan pingin nangis…
      Kemana uang pajak jutaan karyawan di negeriku??
      Jalanan rusak dimana2, kendaraan umum tidak nyaman, pedestrian berubah jadi lahan pkl, tukang parkir liar, dll,, ga ada habisnya ya 😦

      Lalu trainerku yg lain berkata “Korea is poor of resources, either human and nature,, so we make products to be exported, so we can buy rice, sugar, etc from other country”… Terkadang kekayaan yg berlimpah membuat kita malas dan tidak berkembang,, yg ada malah dibodohi oleh bangsa2 lain…. 😦

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