Winter Bussiness Trip #1

It’s about my 1st bussiness trip and my 1st time went to Korea, more precisely South Korea. Since I was joined Microwave Team in my office, all of the members have to follow an education in Head Quarter (HQ) office. I went to Korea on Wednesday, December 8th 2010 with 5 other members. Actually, my team consist of 8 people, but one of us had a problem with his visa, so he had to be delayed. And the other one accompany him to go later.

So, here are some of my photoworks when I went to South Korea, freely give comment and critics. I hope I can develop my skill in photography. Anyway, my camera has name, call him “ALIF”. His birthday is same with me June 29th. He is a birthday present from my fiancee in 2010 🙂

These are all of the team member from left to right are me, Ida, Mr Vicky (The Project Leader), Prasetyo, Yuris, Bagus, Tosan, and Adrian. This was inside The National Museum of Korea.

This one is Gwanghwamun. One of Gyeongbok-gung’s Gate. In front of Gwanghwamun is a very famous street called Gwanghwamun Plaza, the street is very large and some important events usually held there.

This one happened when we waited for Miss Ji. She would accompany us to Insadong, a famous traditional market in Korea. They sell many cultural things which we can buy for souvenir when we go back to Indonesia. They are Adrian and Prasetyo, these two were felt very cold, hahaha 😀

This is the condition that happen in many trees when they face winter. In auntumn, their leaves starts fall, and in winter the don’t have one at all. This is located inside Gyeongbok-gung.

In insadong, Miss Ji treated us to try a traditional Korean cake named Odaeng. It’s very tasty, it fried and has a sweet taste. Arrghhh, I can’t tell you more, I just ate one 😦

Oke, see you in my next photoworks, don’t hesitate to give me any comments and suggestion, thank you before 🙂


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  1. yuhuuu…

    neng, kurang gede atuh fotonya.. biar jelasan.. 😀 narsis dikit lah 😉 biar bisa share ilmu.. yuk hunting yuk 🙂

    • Hehe, iyaa mbaa, bikinnya file kecil, biar ga lama aplotnya,, yg bisa diliat gedean di fb, tar aku tag deh, haha 😀
      Yang ada aku tuh belajar sama mba elly, kan situ uda propesional 😉
      Ayuuuk, mau banget donk diajak jalan2 hunting poto ^^/

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