Watashi wa, Ooto-san no Aishiteru

Last night, I called my family. First I talked with my Mom. As usual, she asked me what did I do all day long, and I told her that I went to office, swimming, and had a “Durian” Party with friends. We laughed through sharing each other, and she asked me to maintain my health. Then, Mom said, that Daddy was stressed. She said it becaused my marriage is closer and closer.
Yes, my parents prepare everything for my wedding, I feel guilty because I can not help them, because I’m far 😦
After that, I talked to Dad and I could feel his dilemma. He has to prepare everything for my wedding day, and he will loose me soon! 😦

I really close to Dad, he’s very important to me, he’s my number 1 man! Since I was a baby, I always close to him. When I was in kindergarten, I can’t sleep without accompanied by him. And now I’ll leave him soon.

Dad, I will always love you, sorry for all my mistakes that I’ve did to you. I always be your spoil little girl. Mom, you too, very important to me. You love me with your unique way. You always take care of me, worry about me, and you always bring your children’s name every time you pray. I promise I won’t say anything to you in a high tone, I will not get angry with you anymore, I will be your nice daughter, much better than before. I was an unstable girl, and I was stupid at that time. I will change my self, so I won’t hurt you anymore, Mom, Dad….

I’m a very lucky person. When some people don’t have a nice family. Sometimes, their Dad are rude. Or their Mom left without a trace. Or their family is totally a mess. But I have a lovely one.. Thank’s God, I do really grateful….
I wish God always take care of you two. Gives you health and wealth. Makes your life easier, and doesn’t let you feel sad. I wish my brother will be a better child than me. I wish he can make you proud more than me. I want you, to be happy all the time. I love you, my family… 🙂


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