Somehow I Hate Drama Movies

I hate this kind of genre. Not literally, but yes, I hate drama. Somehow I think I was a strong woman, different from others. But I find my “another side”. Sensitive. What does it means? Am I a person with double personality? I am not the one who easy to cry, but I am the one who can feel more than anybody else. Sometimes it’s useful, sometimes it’s hurt.

I can feel when my friend is going away from me, I can feel that “Maybe I accidentally hurt her/him?”. In the other side, I can be over react about that, that the fact is she/he has another business to do. I remember when I was 6, my little brother was born. Started from that time, I feel that my mom was love my brother more than me. But the fact is, he just a baby, and he deserved to get an “extra care”. I am not the person who can easily to share, directly to other people. I used to write a diary since I was elementary. What a lonely girl? πŸ™‚

Until the day I started to become a teenager, junior high school. I tried to become an extrovert person, had many friends, girls gang, became head of student committee, and so on. But in the end, I realized it’s hard! I was betrayed by some friends, heard some bad things about me from other people. And it was really really hurt! Too hard to be a dominant maybe? And I closed my self again….

In senior high school, I still close my self, until the day I found a new family, which still become my family in this time. I share many things to them, even had a crush with one of them. But somehow, it happened again. Started from my past life, and still continued in my new life! “God, is this all my fault? What did I do?”, I asked to my self. Then I left this town, and learned about something very crucial, “How am I supposed to act?”. I thought I’ve had the answer.

I moved to a new life, started a new journey. “But hey, this is not what I dreamt for!”, I said. So another “challenge” is came up. Hard, though, and pretty harsh. “But I have a new life, why am I easily falling down?”. Inspired by my self, I tried to stay and tried to love what I do. I found that the old people were right “Love can grow time by time”. I got settle place to hold on, and I got some achievements. Until He “test” me again. Dumped from the place that I already love, by some simple and easy words which did not have any evidence and rational reason! But I still able to stand up, even I got a new (better) path. Increase my believe, that He always has the best plan! πŸ™‚

Here I go, a butterfly who find another branches of stamen in the other flower. Surprise! I got a bitter honey! How come? I couldn’t believe it! What I’ve studied very hard were wasted away! I just wait a little bit longer to see “what was His plan now?”. And I got the answer for everything, and I can feel the sweet of the honey. God, you just amazing in playing me! You are the almighty! πŸ™‚

My life is such a drama, right? Sometimes fly to the heaven, then suddenly throwed away to the hell! Not only easy to laugh for a simple thing, but also too easy to feel pain and even cry. So I chose a laugh, it’s better for me to always laugh and make fun of everything. That’s why I watch comedy more than drama. πŸ™‚

PS : Those pictures were not taken by me πŸ™‚


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