Wedding Day!

What do you think about marriage? In my religion, we believe that marriage is one of Sunnah from our prophet Muhammad SAW. Marriage can bring lots of benefit for a couple. We can share our love and even our sadness. If one of the couple feels happy than share it to their partner, it makes the meaning of happiness will increase. And when a sad time comes, then the sadness will decrease because of shared…

The Wedding Party

I’ve done that step. Married to a guy who really special to me. A great man, a very great man with his kind heart. By the end of February 2011, I’ve become someone’s wife. Thank God for all this happiness, thank God for all this gift. My wish is a very classic wish like other people. Have a blessed family, able to serve my husband well, have some nice children, and finally we can open God’s heaven together….

A good wife for her husband can easily get God’s heaven, He promise us for that. Each time we smile at our husband, each time we make him a cup of tea, each time we kiss his hand, and many simple thing we do for our husband. And a good husband for his wife also able to easily get His heaven. Each time they smile at his wife, each time he rub his wife with lots of love, and even each time he helps her wife to prepare a dinner, some very simple thing. But the hardest part is being a good one.

Marriage not only about unify two hearts, but also two heads. Each of the couple sometimes has a different idea or reason about something. It could be a negligible thing or maybe a big thing. This is the biggest challenge we have to handle even until the rest of our life. Never ending understanding, that’s my quote. So we have to be ready to challenge this decision.

Now it is my time to try all my best to be a good wife, so that our family will lead us both to His heaven. Thank you so much for all my family and neighbours who helped our marriage. Thank you for all our friends for blessing us. Special thank to my Ge-Force for they coming to my party, far away from East Java to Central Java, and you’re that many! Oh Thank God, you’re my best fellas! 🙂 And also thank to my partner Ida and Kristin from Microwave and BD Pre Release Team for coming to my party and even my assistant manager is coming also :D, they came from West Java to Central Java (Thank God my home is in the middle of this island :D). And I will not forget to say thank’s to my family GPMSA, my dear family since high school, thank’s for coming, and also thank’s for ask some of our juniors to join. And thank’s to all my partner in Microwave Team who came to my boarding house to congratulate my wedding :).

I will never regret for being his wife, except I’m not belong to my dad anymore… Dad, I love you so much,, and Mom, I love you that much too :). After my wedding ceremony, I got to back to Jakarta again, said goodbye to my dad, and he stared at me, he stared at a car which brought me away from home, he stared at us until he couldn’t see us anymore. I couldn’t handle it, I couldn’t keep my tears for not falling, yes I’m crying… I love you Dad, until the rest of my life 🙂


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