A Very Great Lost

Yesterday I got a shocking message from my high school friend. The message said that one of our senior has left this world, God has called her. After she struggled against the disease for about a month (or more). God this is so fast! I have not met her since 6 years ago, since she graduated from high school and accepted in one of public engineering institute in Bandung, West Java. I have not even had time to visit her when she was in the hospital. Oh I do really really sorry for my bad…. 😦

Maybe I’m not really remember a special moment with her, but I will always remember that she was a very kind person. She helped me a lot during I learned as a secretary in an organization when we was in high school, she taught us to be a strong person, she gave her best for the organization. During her lifetime, she was loved by many people because her great attitude, by her friends, and especially her family and her husband. But  I’m sure that God loves her much much more than anybody else in this world. Then God miss her a lot, he called her sooner, he protected her from sins. May God gives her a better place than this world. May God gives her some angels to accompany her rest time. May God ease her way to heaven. 🙂

This is my favourite quote I took from her friend who post in her Facebook account :

“Not even a river to show how much tears flow for you. Not even the sea enough to describe how deep everyone going to miss you. You are a friend that wont be replaced in this whole life. May every memory with you lives in our hearts forever. May this little prayer accompanies you in Heaven. May we be friend again in the next life. Farewell good friend of mine…”

Stairway to Heaven

Yes she was such a very great friend for all of us, for everybody who know her. We will definitely miss you, my sister. I wish we can meet someday in a same heaven. We love you so so so much….. 🙂

This lost reminds me that death is one thing is certain among the many uncertainties in this world. I am definitely sure that she has tried her best to be someone who gives lots of benefits for others, and that is the most important thing in human’s life, become the useful person for others (Muhammad SAW)  🙂

Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi roji`un…. Indeed we belong to God, and to God we return…..


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  1. You’re not alone, Dini… We all feel like that when our best friend passed away. I feel so guilty for not seeing her before she gone. Last time I met her at Ekky’s wedding. It’s about a years ago.

    • She’s the best, she’s tried all her best for everyone around her and it definitely works! I do really proud to know her and to have her as my senior, my sister… I’m sure she now rest in a very peaceful place… Allahumma Amin… :’)

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