One time in Surabaya –> Shopping and Party

This day I will attend my best friend wedding. The party will be on 7PM in Surabaya. Yesterday I came from Jakarta by plane, and arrived in Surabaya at 11.30 PM, almost midnight. After that, I took a taxi to my parent in law’s house, and take almost an hour. This morning, I go to Tunjungan Plasa (TP) for SHOP–wait for it–PING!! 😀

Actually I don’t need to go shopping, because a week before I go to Surabaya, I’ve told my mom to send me a dress from Semarang to Surabaya. But the package is late, I don’t get my dress on Saturday. So I (have to) go shopping, hahaha 😀 . Why I choose TP? This is the biggest and the most popular mall in Surabaya. It is located in Jl. Basuki Rahmat until Jl. Embong Malang Surabaya, built on 90,000 m2 land, has 6 floors and the total floors area is 120,000 m2. This mall is also the biggest mall in East Indonesia.

TP point of view from Jl. Basuki Rahmat

TP point of view from Jl. Embong Malang

Tunjungan Plaza is consist of 4 parts of building. People usually called them TP1, TP2, TP3 and TP4. But now, it only has 2 section, Plaza East and Plaza West

Tunjungan Plaza 1 or Plaza East

Tunjungan Plaza 1

TP 1 or Plaza East or Old Plaza Tunjungan is the first mall in the Plaza Tunjungan shopping districts. Recently, it had undergone complete makeover and is renamed Plaza East. Popular stores include Matahari Department Store (also available at TP3), Gramedia Bookstore, ACE Hardware.

Studio Foodcourt, located on 5th floor, features various cuisines like Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Western, to name a few. In 2008, the new 4-screens cinema (Tunjungan XXI) with state-of-the-art technology was opened next to the Studio Foodcourt, giving the audience unforgettable movie experience.

Tunjungan Plaza 2 or Lifestyle Center

TP 2 or Lifestyle Center is the 1st expansion of Plaza Tunjungan shopping district and is located in between Plaza Tunjungan 1 and Plaza Tunjungan 3. Plaza Tunjungan 2 has also undergone major renovation and renamed Lifestyle Center as it focuses primarily on young adults. Plaza Tunjungan 2 also provides bridge connection to Menara Mandiri Office Tower.

Tunjungan Plaza3 or Plaza Central

TP 3 is the 2nd expansion of Plaza Tunjungan shopping district and is located west of Plaza Tunjungan 1 and 2. It has a bridge connection to Sheraton Hotel & Towers as well as Regency Condominium. It is also the largest section in the whole Plaza Tunjungan shopping districts. On 5th Floor as well as on Lower Ground level, restaurants with variety of cuisines are available. Matahari Department Store has just completed their renovation and has re-opened with a new face.

Tunjungan Plaza4 or Plaza West

TP 4 is the 3rd and last expansion in Plaza Tunjungan shopping districts. It consists mainly of SOGO Department Store.

Actually, I’m not really understand about the section of TP, hahaha, I can’t remember all of their stores, because that mall is very large and has many counters 😀 although I’ve familiar with this mall since 2 years ago, since I started dating my husband now, hahaha 😀 .

Okay, now talking about my purpose for shopping. Well, this day, for preparing my best friend’s wedding, I choose one of  ZARA’s trousers, actually it’s not a real trousers, it’s maybe like a night gown with a trousers, not a long dress/skirt, haha 😀 . Do you know Karen American Idol season 1o? She was worn that kind of trousers, almost same like the one I bought. Take a look of this pic :

Karen Rodriguez

Hahaha, maybe mine is not exactly same like Karen’s, but that outfit is inspiring me, so when I take a look of one, I think I must have it because it’s cute and unique 😀 . And you know, when I wear this dress for the wedding, my husband said “You look like a dangdut singer”… Arrrgghhhh, he such a desperate in fashion and I don’t care 😀

Okay, third topic, my friend’s wedding. The groom and the bride, both are mine and my husband’s friend. The bride is my boarding house friend when I was in university, but we had different major. And the groom is my husband’s friend in university, in a same major. I even knew my husband from them, hahaha, but I got married earlier 😀 . They are very important for us, not because we met each other because of them. But before than, the bride is a good friend of mine. We usually talk about many things, jokes, personal things, and also hangout together. And the groom, as my husband said, is also one of his best memory in university, they played Playstation, volleyball, soccer, and many more. They are favorable friends of us. That’s why I spare a special time to bless their wedding and spent a bunch of money to buy the outfits, hahahaha (I’m exaggerate it and too psyched for shopping) 😀

Badly, I don’t have many time in Surabaya, and I also have a tight schedule 😛 . Tomorrow I will attend another wedding, also my husband’s friend, but I don’t know him before. Then I will meet my very best friend, Tika (we will meet also at TP, so I will come to this mall again tomorrow 😀 ). I will also buy some prizes for our (my husband and I) nieces and nephew.Then I’ll finished the Sunday with come to Real Estate Exhibition in Gramedia Expo Surabaya. Beside all of that activity, I also very happy to see my new family (after the marriage) there, mother and father in law, brothers, sisters, and also nieces and nephew. I think I will have a very good time in Surabaya although it still too short. So I need to build quality when I can’t expand the quantity. 🙂


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  1. > Bagian seru lainnya g disebutin? Ky ktemu n beliin kado2 bwd ponakan2. Hehehehee

  2. > Curaaaang, diedit2 :p

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