Perfect Cosmetic Products Ever!

Well, maybe I’m not the one who always use some thick make-up on my face. I’m just the one who satisfied with a shiny but not oily skin and fresh lips. Beside that, I also the one who easily have problems with pimples. If I try a product but it isn’t acceptable for my skin, it can caused a pimple disaster! 😦

I’ve been using some topical drugs for 2 years. Actually I don’t addicted to those medical creams but I just too worry to try other products (especially for day/night cream variants) that may not be suitable for my skin and possibly caused a worst problem. Beside that, I also prevent my skin for being stressed by those chemical drugs, then sometimes I also use some natural skin care products to recover my tired skin.

The topical products I used are face wash, day cream, and night cream from erha. Until today, I still have a big fear to use a day/night cream product which sold freely in the market, that’s why I keep using the medical one. Sometimes I also use another face wash which doesn’t came from a special dermatology clinic. And the one which accepted by my skin is “Acnes Face Wash”. Those are my daily needs for skin. For a periodic treatment, I choose The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask and Tea Tree Oil for reduce pimples and refresh my blemished skin. The favorite face powder I used are a basic loose powder by The Body Shop or Revlon Microfine Natural. The difference between those two face powder is, The Body Shop’s product gives me a more luminous skin, but Revlon Microfine gives me a matte skin. That choice is depends on the occation, for a casual event, I prefer look shiny and fresh, but for a more formal one, it’s better to look matte. I don’t use pressed powder, because it can clogged in my pores and aggravate the pimple problems.

Lips also gets my intense care, because my lips are easily chapped anytime. I don’t use a special lip care from erha for lips. I’d rather choose a natural ingredient cosmetic than the chemical one, you know, because lips care products is can be swollen any time, hahahaha 😀 . And my choice comes to Lip & Cheek Stain and Delipcious Lipstick, also from The Body Shop. The Lip & Cheek Stain is my favorite ever! I can get a perfect natural pink lips without a glossy look, and not only lips but also a very natural blushed cheeks without blush on. My favorite lip color is nude because I think that color always gives a sexy natural lips. Beside that, I’m not ready for a red glam lips yet 😀 . Delipcious is a food grade lipstick, and it feels so light on my lips, that’s why I choose this product as my favorite lipstick. If I need to moisturize my lips, I’ll apply The Body Shop Lip Butter or Oriflame Tender Care on my lips. It can perfectly moist and make it fresh and glow, but not glossy. For periodic treatment, I use The Body Shop Lip Scuff one or two time in a week. Basically it’s like a scrub for your lips which exfoliate dead cells and stimulate the grow of the new lip skin, the more soft and unwrinkled one.

Body care is the last topic in this thread. You know, I’m a body lotion addict! I always needs a moist skin, at least my hands, if it feels dry, I will feel uncomfortable. So, body lotion is one of the most important things that I have to bring anywhere :P. I have many favorite lotion this far. Vaseline, Oriflame Optimals White, and The Body Shop Mango Whip Body Lotion. I also like some body butter products by The Body Shop. Basically, I like a thick and extra moist body lotion, so any brand products is doesn’t matter if it fulfil those requirements :D. I also scrub my skin periodically in one or two times in a week by The Body Shop Moringa Scrub or another favorite scrub is Bali Ratih Aromatheraphy Exfoliating Scrub. They can give a smooth and silky skin, even mosquitos will get slipped on it :P.

Ok, those are my favorite cosmetics and body care. It’s not a product or even a brand suggestion, but I just want to share you about how to choose the most suitable skin care. You have to understand your skin and provide it needs, so you can get a good look. But the truth of beauty is in your heart. If you always feels confident on your self, other people won’t look anything wrong in you. Beside that, if you always looks worried on your appearance, people will notice that and look at you weirdly. 🙂


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  1. You just naturally beautiful, no need to worry 🙂

  2. nice writing dear… 🙂

    I got some references for my blemishing skin as well.. 🙂

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