I’m The Manager of Treasury!

Hey, it’s been a veeeery long time I didn’t post anything in my blog, haha, I’m being such a lazy girl (or woman), ah whatever ūüėÄ . So, as a complementary, I wanna share about my passion about finance. Well, if you’re the one who know me very well, you’ll get shock, since you might be know that my passion is absolutely in telecommunication :P. I’m not gonna get rid of telecommunication (till now) as my biggest passion, but finance is a different thing that I found it’s interesting.

For the very first time, begun in February 2011 I was interested to a product named “fund” or in Indonesia we call it “reksa dana”. Fund is a kind of solution for financial planning. It is separated to 3 product : money market fund, fixed income, and equity fund. I am not gonna tell more about that, I don’t have a finance degree, so if you’re interested to know you can ask Mr Google :P. As a short explanation, money market is the lowest risk and lowest profit, and conversely equity fund has the highest risk and also highest profit. To take highest risk, we need to use it as a long-term investment. Many references said it should be 10 years or more. Since I’m still very young *ehem* and we (me and my husband) do not have a child yet, I chose equity fund as my investment¬†for our future children education ;).

I started to in fund. Now I have 2 kind of fund, fixed income and equity fund.  Based on the religion which I profess, I chose to buy mutual funds based on Shariah. I am not sure yet about the conventional fund which can be invested in non-lawful stock such as bank, cigarette, khamr, etc. I chose these two kind of fund was based on the necessity. Equity fund is for long-term purpose (>10y) and fixed income fund is for short-to-long term purpose (3-5y).

Actually, during I studied about mutual fund (I’m still studying until now), I heard that some conventional fund offer a fantastic return, it can be more than 40% per annual! Yet, I was interested, I thought “Maybe we can clean it by zakat? So it’s ok to invest in conventional fund?”. But I recalled my will, and still hesitated about that. Until last weekend, I attended Islamic Financial Planning Seminar, held by a professional financial planner in Jakarta. There are many things I got from that seminar, here they are :

  • Non-lawful treasure or money (which we are fully conscious in earning that) can’t be cleaned by zakat! So we must be careful about our greedy manner to buy non-lawful stocks (in this term by buying equity fund).
  • Sharia stocks only based on Company who does not have debt more than 30% of their assets, it means only a healthy company who can be sorted to Jakarta Islamic Index (JII).
  • Inflation of daily needs is +/- 10% p.a so we can predict how much money do we need for pension fund.
  • Gold investment (LM) will be worth if we buy ¬†100 gr¬†or more. Because,¬†every¬†time we sell¬†the gold, the price will¬†be reduced¬†by the molding cost. And based on the research of Q* Financial the return of gold are :
  • 5% p.a for investment in 5 years
  • 10-15% p.a ¬†for investment in¬†10 years
  • 18% p.a for investment in 15 years
  • Investment by mutual fund has 3 different returns :
  • Money Market or Fixed Income = 8% p.a
  • Balance Fund = 18% p.a
  • Equity Fund = 25% p.a
  • Based on the different return and period of time, we can make a diversification during investment. Diversification has advantage to speed up our goal and also to minimize the risk of investment.

Based on the first point, I become more understand that I need to avoid the non-lawful stocks in my investment products. Well, money in this life never equal to what we have paid in the “other day” (okay, it’s not Ramadhan lecture ūüėõ ). Then I’ll have another story about how interested is the topic about sharia banking which I discussed with some friends in a berry2 group, tell you later about that. See you on my next post. Invest your money now, and you’ll see that’s worthed. ūüėČ

“Yusuf berkata: ‘Supaya kamu bertanam tujuh tahun (lamanya) sebagaimana biasa;, maka apa yang kamu tuai hendaklah kamu biarkan di bulirnya kecuali sedikit untuk kamu ¬†makan. Kemudian sesudah itu akan datang tujuh tahun yang amat sulit, yang ¬†menghabiskan apa yang kamu simpan untuk menghadapinya (tahun yang sulit), kecuali ¬†sedikit dari (bibit gandum) yang akan kamu simpan. Kemudian setelah itu akan datang ¬†tahun yang manusia diberi hujan (dengan cukup) dan di masa itu mereka memeras anggur.” (QS. Yusuf: 47-49)


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