The Road Not Taken

Hey readers (pretend that I have many readers *hope so* :D)! It’s been a week I didn’t show up, so many things were over my control :(. But now I’m back, with some perspectives to share. If you are a Fringe (an American science fiction television series) freak, you should be remembered 19th episode of season 1 with title “The Road Not Taken”. In this episode, during investigation, Olivia was looking at two charred bodies, says she’ll have them transported to the lab. Walter asks if there was another. Olivia looks back down and sees that now there is only one. Olivia is clearly confused, but she says nothing.

Back at the lab, Olivia has finally told the group what is happening to her. Walter says hallucinations have many different sources: sleep deprivation, concussion, brain tumors… Olivia says she feels like she’s losing her mind. Walter suggests another possibility: she is experiencing a form of extended deja vu, which is somehow related to the pliability of space-time. Walter explains that while we experience time as a linear progression, in fact every choice we make creates parallel universes. As a result, time is more like a branching tree of alternative realities. Déjà vu, he says, is just a brief glimpse of an alternative reality. You feel like you’ve been somewhere before because you actually have been there in another reality.

Have you experienced déjà vu? Me? Yes, sometimes I feel “I’ve been here, exactly in this position”. It’s quite mysterious right? But based on this science fiction series, then I thought about another thing. Maybe in our life, there are so many branches of options, like when you were a child, you had so many thoughts in your mind about what you want to be when you’re adult. A boy usually said that they want to be a police, fireman, detective or maybe pilot. And a girl usually said about being a doctor, nurse, or a simple thought to be a bride :). But when we run this life, there are so many possibilities, for example if a boy wants to be a pilot, but he often spend his time playing PS in a narrow distance with TV, he’d probably has a problem with his eyes, wears a glasses, then being a pilot is impossible.

That’s an example of branches in our life, maybe it’s not really connected with déjà vu. But, sometimes, your branches is also can be met in a same point, then it will become one path even before you take another way to get it, and there’s someway you can experience déjà vu. Just like when you want to reach your office, but you have some different roads to be chosen. That possibilities are crossing in our mind during unconsciousness. Maybe it’s related with a mystery of sleeping, when some people said that our soul is traveling around time and space and has a glimpse of memory by that. Ok, I’m gonna change to another topic, because I’m afraid I can’t explain more about those mysteries.

So, let’s focus on “the road not taken”. Have you ever experienced in choice? I’m sure every human did, even for a child, sometimes they’re confused between a candy or ice cream :). So, have you ever imagine, “If I took that choice, I might be have enough money, and I wouldn’t get a problem like now”. Or a different one, “Thank God I chose this way, if I took that way I would face a big loss”. Yes, people will always have choices during our lifetime, but how about regret and acceptance? That’s the biggest challenge in every choice. We can easily make a choice, but we don’t consider the risk, or actually we consider the risk but when we face the problem we can’t accept it. I understand it very much, since sometimes it happens in my life.

So, what will you do to help your self? If you make a choice without consideration of the risk, maybe you can ask to your family or close friends for the solution. Then how if you already considered the consequences, but when I came you can’t accept it? I think the second one is more difficult, acceptance. Sometimes it feels bad when I keep crying for something that I already knew from the start, or I thought it was easier but it’s absolutely not. Then I keep compare to the previous story of my life, but I really know I couldn’t turn back time, and I can’t so I never regret any choices in my life. Do you feel the same?

I’m sure all religions explain many things about acceptance and be grateful. Since I believe in Islam, there are many magical sentences in Al-Qur’an which tell about that :

“If you are grateful, I would add favors for you; otherwise you denied its favor, my tortures would be even greater.” (Ibrahim : 7)

And beside we have to be grateful, we must remember, Allah promises will not test with something beyond our capability. And more than that, those tests even can increase our faith by the time we able to pass them by believing in God’s help. The higher degree of one’s faith, the higher test is given. Why Allah must do that? Because Allah loves us, wants us to be a strong, wants us to be closer.

“Oh you who believe, ask for help (to Allah) with patience and (do) pray, Allah is with those who steadfastly persevere.” (Q.S Al-Baqarah: 153).

“So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief. Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.” (An Nasyr: 5-6).

What say you about acceptance? What say you about the road which maybe we should take but we didn’t? How’s your method to solve those risks and dilemmatic acceptance problems? We are the perfect creature God ever made, we have a brilliant mind to think, there’s no more reason not to be grateful even only for the free air everyday. And do not ever, ever, ever regret anything you’ve chosen because it will hurt you more. Thank’s for reading, I hope everybody becomes stronger time by time, Allahumma Aamiin. 🙂


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