[Cake] Sacher Torte –> first trial

It still about my weekend guys. After I had badminton with friends, actually I planned to go to Jakarta, remake my hair in a salon. But, I was exhausted, and I remembered that I had a full basket of laundry >_<. Then finally, after I took a nap for an hour, I cleaned house and did the laundry. While waited the washing machine finish, I think about baking. Yes, sacher torte, a recipe of chocolate cake which made me curious for several days. Here I go, baking in Sunday 🙂

Sacher Torte recipe :

Ingredients A :

  • 160 gr butter/margarine (I use 50:50 of butter & margarine)
  • 160 gr castor sugar –> 130 gr
  • 8 egg yolks
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 160 gr dark cooking chocolate (DCC) –> 180 – 200 gr
  • 150 gr wheat flour (medium protein)

Ingredient B :

  • 8 egg white grains
  • 150 gr castor sugar –> 120 gr

Ingredient C :

  • 250 gr apricot jam

Ganache :

  • 350 ml whipped cream
  • 350 gr DCC (minced)

How to make it?

  1. Ingredient A : beat butter till it moist, mix with sugar step by step, keep shaking until it pale. Put the yolks one by one and keep shaking but with lower speed. Insert the melted DCC, mixed well.
  2. Ingredient B : beat egg white for a while then insert the sugar step by step and keep shaking until it stiff. This dough would not really stiff since the egg white is already mixed with sugar (soft peak).
  3. Insert alternatively, wheat flour and Ingredient B into Ingredient A dough and mix it well.
  4. Put it to 3 round pans, diameter 22 cm – height 4 cm, which already lined with baking paper and butter. (I used 2 loaf pan 22×10 cm).
  5. Bake it with 160’C temperature until it perfectly cooked. (I was need about 90 mins). Do a toothpick test to check whether it’s cooked or not yet.
  6. Ganache : Heat the whip cream (don’t let it boiled, just until you see some bubbles at the edge). Pour it into melted DCC, mix well.

Finishing :

  1. After the cake is baked well, let it cool for 15-30 mins.
  2. Put a leaf of 1st cake on a pad, spread the apricot jam on it.
  3. Then put the 2nd leaf of cake, spread ganache or you can use apricot jam again.
  4. Put the last leaf of cake (I just have 2 leafs of cake, and I just use apricot jam between the layer)
  5. Fridge for 15-30 mins
  6. Take the cake, put it on a grill pan, spread the ganache, then fridge it again.

the amateur sacher torte

My first sacher is not so good. I think the recipe is lil bit too sweet, since I don’t like sweets, so I don’t really like it. You can see above, I already make an estimation to reduce the sugar and adding the DCC to make it more chocochoc (red font). You don’t need to worry if it will taste bitter, since DCC it self is already sweet enough. Beside that, I also did a wrong step. During mixed the ingredient A, since I was confused when should I put the wheat flour, so I just put it after DCC. I didn’t read the instruction carefully, I should put it alternatively with white egg dough. And the rest, my finishing is terrible, the cake surface is not smooth, so ganache could spread smoothly too *aaarrrggghh*.

But, actually, the taste is good since it’s chocolate cake! And although dishes are looking good, it would end crushed in your mouth right? *pleading* :D. My friends in office still become the tester (you don’t suffer stomache right? :P) and they’re so wild when they see foods!


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  1. kapan gw dikasih??

  2. ahhhh…
    gw ga ikut yg minggu ini keknya,mau ke jkt –a

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