Fun and Harmless Shopping with Credit Card

Hello readers, a nice Monday to start a new week right? Jakarta was rain last night, and it’s felt fresh in the morning. Yesterday I went to Senayan City for shopping and hair treatment (oh yeah!) :D. Shopping is really feels good, it can release stress, indeed. Usually people are happy while shopping then whining while remember about the money. Me? I used to do that too, but it’s changed when I have an allocated shopping/weekend budget. Beside that, I already have credit card now. Oh, oh, wait, don’t claim me as a crazy shopaholic.

As a woman, sure I have a sense of shopping for personal stuff (lifestyle) beside the daily needs. Some of us are often unable to keep their eyes for looking at “SALE” signs and buy anything she might not need at all. That’s scary, especially for the men! ūüėÄ But actually, we can make it fun, both shopping and keep our cashflow normal. The conventional way is 100% using your account. And the other way is combine your debit and credit card. How it can be implemented?

100% using debit card/cash payment

  1. Every month, after receive salary payment, transfer some amount of for your lifestyle budget (max 20%)
  2. Try to always pay every transaction with your debit card.
  3. If you need to pay cash, separate the money with your daily needs money
  4. Use this lifestyle¬†budget for 1 month, if it’s ran out, do not ever take money from different account!

50% debit card 50% credit card :

  1. Every month, after receive salary payment, calculate some amount of your salary  for lifestyle budget (max 20%), and transfer half of it into another account
  2. When you’re shopping, use your debit card first, then use your credit card (but do not over than half of your lifestyle¬†budget!)
  3. If you need to pay cash, separate the money with your daily needs money
  4. All of your debt must be paid every month!
  5. You can use the advantage of 0% instalment promotion, but must be paid in time.

Credit card is meant to be useful for consumer, but we need to use it wisely. How come it’s not great if we can have a thing now, but pay it a month later, seems fun right? You need to aware about when is the print date and the payment due date every month, it’s used for decide whether you can buy a stuff with your credit card now or later.

Remember that in your monthly cashflow, the allocation for pay credit/instalment must be <= 30% of your salary. If you want to buy a gadget for example, which has promo 0% interest for 12 months. Since you’re gonna pay it for 12x, you need to consider that this installment + your other monthly installment (house/car/motorbike loan) is not more than 30% credit allocation.

Use your credit card wisely, it should be very useful and harmless. Change your life, check your money, make a plan and have a nice shopping experience! ^_^


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