IU and Last Fantasy (The 2nd Album)

IU (이지은), a Korean female singer who plays an important role in my interest in K-Pop. Her song Good Day is my 1st k-pop song which I like. 1st time I heard this song, I recognized the singer is very good, it makes me things differently. Before that, I thought k-pop is only about a bunch of good-looking boys/girl dancing, less singing. But my point of view changed when I heard IU! From that time, I began interested in k-pop, listen more objectively, until I like 2PM, hahaha 😀

IU just released her 2nd studio album by the end of November 2011. And even now, her MV for You and I (너랑 나) already available in YouTube. The concept is more like Good Day, both the music and MV. But she still outstanding! 🙂 The other song also sound chic as her. It’s really more than K-Pop, combine some Jazz color especially in 4AM and 사랑니 (Wisdom Tooth). Love it! She really can sing, man!

These are the track list, now I’m hoping my friend who is now in Korea for business trip could buy me this CD when he come back! 😀

IU- 2nd album Last Fantasy

01 비밀 (Secret)
02 잠자는 숲 속의 남자 (Feat. Yoon Sang) (Sleeping Prince of the Woods)
03 별을 찾는 아이 (Feat. Kim Kwang Jin) (Child Searching for a Star)
04 너랑 나 (You and I)
05 벽지무늬 (Wallpaper Design)
06 삼촌 (Feat. Lee Juck) (Uncle)
07 사랑니 (Wisdom Tooth)
08 Everything’s Alright (Feat. Kim Hyun Cheol)
09 Last Fantasy
10 Teacher (Feat. Ra.D)
11 길 잃은 강아지 (A Lost Puppy)
12 4AM
13 라망 (L’ amant) (The Lover)

Herewith, I enclosed the released MV, lyrics in romanji and also the translation of You and I, enjoy! ^_^

너랑 나 (You and I)
sigyel bomyo soksagineun bimildeul
 The whispered secrets as I look at the clock
ganjor-han ne mamsog-iyagi
The sincere story in my heart
jigeum ne moseubeul hechyodo joa
It’s okay if I am hurt now

nareul jechokhamyon halsurok joa
The more I am pushed, the better
 ne ireum bullojwo
Please call out my name
* son teumsero bichineun ne mam deulkilkka duryowo
I’m afraid my heart will be revealed in between my hands
gaseumi mak bokcha sorowo
My heart is overwhelmed, it’s sad

jogeumman kkok chamgo nal gidaryojwo
Please wait a bit more and wait for me

norang narangeun jigeum andweji
You and I, we can’t be right now

sigyereul do bochego sipjiman
I want to push on the clock even more but

nega itdon mire-eso
In the future, which you will be in

ne ireumeul bullojwo
Please call out my name
nega monjo yotbogo on sigandeul
The times that I first peeped at
nowa nega hamkkeyossotji
You and I, we were together

narang norajuneun geudega joa
I like you, who plays with me

nega murobomyon geudedo joa
If I ask you, you like me too
ne ireumi mwoya
What is my name?
* Repeatnun kkambakhamyon oreuni dwel goeyo

In a blink of an eye, I’ll be an adult
nal arabogetjyo geuden giokhagetjyo
I hope you recognize me, I hope you remember me
geure gimyohetdon ai
Yes that strange child
son teumsero bichineun ne moseup cham jota
I really like your image that shines in between my hands
sonkkeuteuro dollimyo sigyetbaneura dallyobwa
I turn it with my fingertips – hey clock hand, please run
jogeumman do ppalli narabwa
Turn a little bit fasterdu nuneul kkok gamgo mabobeul gonda
I tightly close my two eyes and cast a spell

norang narangeun jogeum namatji
You and I, there’s only a little bit left
myot nal myotsiljin moreugetjiman
I don’t know when or what time
nega isseul mire-eso
But in the future, which you will be in –
hoksi nega hemendamyon
By any chance, if I get lost and wander,
noreur-arabol su itge
So that I can recognize you,
ne ireumeul bullojwo
Please call out my name
Reference for You and I lyrics

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