[Product Review] Kerastase for hair loss problem

Hi readers,  I wanna share another product review, this time is about hair treatment. Is there any of you ever heard Kerastase or maybe have experiences in Kerastase ritual? For those who’s never, Kerastase is a hair treatment product from L’oreal which has specification for several special need of hair problems. Usually, this brand is not for common sale, you can’t find ’em in any supermarket. The distribution of this product is exclusively managed by Kerastase ambassadors, some Salons which provide Kerastase treatment. In this kind of Salon, your hair will be observed by a hair scanner, then they will give you suggestion about what kind of treatment you need.

I heard about this product from femaledaily forum, which I got by “googling” about solution of hair loss. Yes, I have a problem with hair loss, never know the real reason, can be lack of hair nutrition or stress or anything. In this forum, they talked about their experienced of using Kerastase products. And yes, they kinda persuade me to try on :D.

How far my problem is? Actually, I have this problem since I was in fourth year of university, but I didn’t think too much about it. But then lately I found my hair is lost quite much, every time I tie my hair, I felt that several years later my hair was thicker! Oh no, then I was afraid of being bald maybe when I’m 30 or something. 😐

In FD forum, I understood that if we want to try Kerastase product, we better consult first in Kerastase salon, so we can get the right treatment. Well, also from some review in the forum, I came to Irwan Team Salon in Senayan City (since this is my favorite mall :P). First time I came, and my hair was scanned, I could see that I’ve lost a lot :(. The therapist suggested me to have a relaxation treatment first before I start hair loss treatment, and I said okay. In this therapy, I used Oleo Relax serum. First impression? Great! The massage was very nice, start from head, shoulders, back, and feet. They even use hot stones! I was offered to choose various herbal tea and got biscuits. How about hair? Of course it’s very well done, clean, soft, and nice fragrance.

After treatment and analysis, they suggested me to use Kerastase Bain Prevention GL and Aminexil serum regularly (every day) until 6 weeks. But, I didn’t think so! Hello, Aminexil 42 vials is soooo expensive, about IDR 2.6 million. Hell NO! 😀 So I decided to buy the shampoo first, yeah I was also out of shampoo at that time. Then I combine Bain Prevention GL with NR hair tonic.

From left to right : Aminexil, Bain Prevention GL, Stimuliste

A month has passed, my hair loss is not significantly reduced, but it’s little bit better. Then I decided to back to Irwan Team, this time I just asked to be analyzed, I didn’t have a ritual (I wanted to watch a movie :P). From the scan result, I can see some hair is growing, not much. On my second transaction, I swept my credit card for Kerastase Stimuliste and Aminexil (10 vials). Yeah, finally I was tempted by “Ami”, so I try on that 10 vials first. 😀

Actually, 1 vial of Aminexil should be use for 1 time, but this is a cost-down treatment, so I use 1 vial for 2 times (2 days). I just finished my last vial, and you know even for a stingy person like me, I can see a very nice improvement. My hair loss is reduced about 50-70% in 20 days. Beside that, they new comer hair now are visible and much more than before!

For the next treatment, I’ll keep using the Bain Prevention shampoo and combine with daily tonic Stimuliste. Actually, Stimuliste has two same active ingredient like Aminexil serum in a same portion. The Aminexil and Gluco-Lipid. But in Stimuliste they add another ingredient, but the serum is pure Aminexil and Gluco-Lipid. I wonder why the serum is much much more expensive than Stimuliste?

Well, I think this is enough for now, later I’ve tried Stimuliste for several weeks, I’ll give you the update. So who’s wanna go to salon with me? 🙂


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  1. saya dulu juga pakai Kerastase, rambut emang pada numbuh. seneng ya ngeliatnya! sekarang uda ga rontok lagi, down grade ke Loreal SP 😀

  2. Hi. I found this post while trying to find some reviews on this product. It’s kind of expensive so I wanted to know if it has worked for people who have tried it. It’s been a few months since you wrote this post.. have you noticed any difference?

    • Pradini Puspitaningayu

      Well yeah, sure thing it’s kinda expensive. But it worked for my hair. Like I said, many new hair comin up, and am so excited. But now I only use the shampoo and daily tonic. No more ampules of Aminexil since my hair streght is now better, beside that it’s damn killing my credit card bill 😀
      Anyway, thank’s for visiting my humble blog 😉

  3. Thank you for your response 😀 I might try it out!

  4. Hi 🙂 I was looking for product reviews too for the Aminexil and Stimuliste when I found this post. How are the results when you use only the Stimuliste? Does it stop the hair loss too? Please let me know as soon as possible. I’m planning on buying this for my mother as a present, but I’m on a budget too 🙂

  5. Hi, I don’t know if my previous comment was posted, so I’ll just post it again. Sorry if it looks like spam. I promise it isn’t 🙂

    Hi 🙂 I was looking for product reviews too for the Aminexil and Stimuliste when I found this post. How are the results when you use only the Stimuliste? Does it stop the hair loss too? Please let me know as soon as possible. I’m planning on buying this for my mother as a present, but I’m on a budget too 🙂

    • hi, first, thank’s for visiting my blog.. in my opinion, aminexil is really good, but stimuliste is not as magical as aminexil.. for suggestion, use aminexil for the first 4-6 weeks everyday, then you can us stimuliste as daily tonic..

  6. Anita Bronkhorst

    Hello, i’ve tried it for the first time when i had some serious hair loss. That’s over 2 years ago now. Since then my hair has tremendously thickened and still there’s growing some new hair! I try to stop the use of the shampoo now and then but then i notice that my hairloss is increasing. So i use it on a daily basis and the smell of the shampoo is delightful. You can use a *normal* hair conditioner alongside the shampoo. I use Nutritive Nectar Thermique by Kerastase, a great conditioner you can leave in without rinsing. Love these products. There great for my hair!!

    • Yes, the smell is absolutely delightful, like you’re having a salon treatment in your home, right?
      I’m not using Kerastase conditioner too, only the Bain Prevention Shampoo + Loreal Conditioner (cost down) 😀
      Thank’s for the comment & review, go go healthy scalp and hair!! 🙂

  7. hey dinipus.
    may i know roughly how many strands of hair you drop per day when you have hair fall problem?
    and how many hairs that u drop after you use the product?
    i think i drop too much hair a day like 70 strands…
    double the amount if i wash it once every 2 days…
    ple help….
    much appreciated..

    • Sorry for my late respond. Before using Kerastase product, I think my hair fell 80-100 strands/day. After using Bain Prevention GL & Aminexil everyday for 2 weeks, it became 20-50 strands/day, after 4 weeks was 10-20 strands/day. Now I don’t use the Aminexil anymore (it’s damn expensive 😦 ) just the Bain Prevention GL Shampoo, then my hair fall is increasing, nowadays become 20-40 strands/day.
      My suggestion, after using the shampoo, you should apply conditioner too, since the shampoo kinda makes my hair stiff. Any conditioner will do, no need to match with Kerastase brand. I use Loreal conditioner or Makarizo.

      • oops…./do you think aminexil may cause your scalp be ‘addicted’ to it?
        how long have you been using the shampoo so far?
        i am afraid my hair will be ‘ addicted’ to it leh…
        thx for your reply:)
        thx a lot:)

      • I’ve used this shampoo for several months, maybe 4-5 months. It could be that my scalp is addicted, or maybe it also could be that my treatment is not enough yet to heal my weak hair roots? I don’t know, I only know that I can’t buy that kind of expensive ampules anymore 😀

      • ok..i c…
        so far is the effect on preventing hair fall ok?
        i meant by comparision with the hair fall condition before you started to use the shampoo.
        and by the way, how is the stimulise that you use?
        still using it now?

      • stimuliste is OK, but can’t ever beats aminexil. you know how price talks 😀

  8. Mba.. Aku punya masalah rambut rontok jg. Parah banget.. Tanpa dibelai pun rambut ku bs rontok sendiri. Bahkan kamar ku full rambut sana sini T_T
    Pngen beli kerastase nih. Keq punya mba. Itu shampoo bain prevention GL nya apa bole pakai tiap ari? Aku baca di FD katanya kalo tiap ari bs jd imun. Mesti selang seling.Secara rambutku ini kan berminyak jd aku keramas tiap ari dehh.

    • Aku dulu sih pakenya tiap hari, disaranin gitu sama salonnya (waktu itu aku di Irwan Team Senayan City). Tapi sekarang ga mesti tiap hari, kadang pake 2 hari sekali. Kalo pake shampoo nya aja rasanya kurang deh, tambah Aminexil aja, menurutku itu cukup ampuh, tapi ya emang amit2 mahalnya.

      Sekarang aja aku uda mau lepas dari Kerastase, soalnya uda ga kerja lagi, balik jadi mahasiswa nih, mana mampu beli Kerastase 😀 Rencananya mau pake Natur aja deh :p

  9. aminexil gilek mahal abis boo T^T harga aminexil = uda bisa beli macam2 produk kerastase nih
    hahaha. tak sudi saya

    aku uda beli shampoo prevention nya nih. pengen stimuliste nya jg utk pengganti aminexil nya, itu doank mempan ya reducing rontok?
    btw mba, batang rambut mu normal tebal ato tipis?
    soalnya aku baca review utk tonik ada 2 mcm nih. yg mba punya stimuliste itu utk yg helai rambut normal, sedangkan ada 1 lg yg namany “soin densitive gl spray” utk rambut thinning (botol nya keq shampoo prevention gt dehh )

    • Maaf, very late response. Sebenernya saya sndiri jg bingung, kata orang salon rambut saya helainya termasuk halus, tapi saya sendiri ngerasa rambut saya gede2 😀 Tapi stlh saya coba Stimuliste, saya kok ngerasa kurang yahud ya (dibanding Aminexil), entah krn ga cocok sama rambut saya ato gmn. Padahal saya lihat2 kandungan Stimuliste itu hampir sama dg Aminexil, malah Soil Densitive GL Spray yg kandungannya lbh sedikit, makany waktu itu saya lbh pilih Stimuliste drpd SDGLS.

      Oh ya, kalo helai rambutnya beda, jenis shampoo nya juga beda loh. Kalo yang rambut halus pake Bain Prevention GL (yang ada highlight hijau di botol) mengandung gluco-lipid sbg thinning, kalo yg helai rambut besar pake Bain Prevention (highlight merah).

      • Hm. Jd maju mundur deh mau beli stimuliste,. Ql soin densitive makin ga jd deh keknya.haha. Secara kamu blg sikit banget kandungan nya.hahaha

        Aku sih sebenarnya ingin beli aminexil serum 10 vials dl, tp yah kalo dgn stimuliste aja bs, kenapa mesti mahal2 kan? Haha. Tp yah ql uda beli stimuliste, tp ga mempan jg, sama aja pengeluaran dobel mau beli aminexil lg 😦
        Oya. Aminexil itu efek nya permanen ga ya? Takut nanti skrg pake, next year rontok lg. Mampus deh nih dompet.haha

      • mending konsul langsung sama salon2 kerastase aja, mereka sbnrnya lbh tau kondisi rambut km gimana. jadi nanti kl cek, bisa dilihat pake alat scan rambut n scalp, jadi bisa tau urutan treatment km gimana. dan aku jg ga bilang kalo soil densitive spray kandungannya jauh lbh dikit lho ya, cuman bilang “lebih dikit” drpd stimuliste.
        aku coba aminexil 10 vials jg, efeknya ga permanen, krn menurutku emang treatment segitu ga cukup. coba ikutin 1 bulan penuh pakenya, dan sekali pake 1 ampule, yaah meskipun berat diongkos sih 😀 . tapi overall sbnrnya sih saya puas pake produk kerastase, hasilnya bagus kok, apalagi treatment di salonnya bener2 beyond! cuman kantong saya yg ga kuat nerusin 😀

  10. Hello found this post and i actually just tried the treatment yest. Do u go for the treatment once every week? Or do u omly use the shampoo n the hair tonic spray only? Kinda pricey but anything for my hair loss 😦 i want it to be thick like before… Any advice on this treatment?

    • No, I only tried once for salon treatment. It’s sooo nice & relaxing, but damn pricey! :))
      Then I just continue with home treatment by using shampoo & tonic. 🙂

  11. Hai dini… aq berjilbab n punya masalah rambut rontok.. aq pengen coba treatment di salon kertasase kaya irwan team etc. tapi yg aku khawatir, karena aq pake jilbab, apa disana ada ruang khusus wanita???

  12. hi dini.. aku udah aga botak bagian kepala tengah,alhasil aku botakin sekalian,apa bisa mungkin tumbuh lagi,kmn periksanya ya?

  13. mahal nya berapa ya? per bulan ngabisin dana berapa klo kasus spt aku…. ditunggu ya? makasi….

  14. aku botaknya ditengah kepala dan udah sangat jarang2 banget ampe keliat kulit kepala.. mau periksa kmn ya? aku tggl di jkt selatan,..brp lama pertumbuhannya kira2,pemakaianya spt apa? aku tunggu ya? makasi…

    • mas ajie, coba cari salon2 kerastase, atau bisa ke dokter spesialis kulit gitu.. kalo detail mahalnya seberapa mending nanya & konsultasi langsung k salon/klinik.. kalo setau saya di jaksel ada byk salon kerastase di senci/PS/PIM..
      skrg saya ud g pake kerastase krn ud g tll parah rontok, dan beralih k produk bebasny erha.. kalo rambut anda parah rontokny, lbh baik konsul k dokter yg ada disana..

      *saran disampaikan berdasar pengalaman pribadi tanpa ad maksud ngiklan 😀

  15. makasi mbak dini… tapi pernah ada kasus ga ya spt sy yg sudah botak di tengah gtu? soalnya sy jujur aja udah ga terlalu berharap,tp pas denger pengalaman mbak spt ini sy jd tertarik….menurut mbak sy masi ada harapan bs tumbuh rambut lagi ga ya? soalnya dari jambang,kumis,jenggot termasuk alis,tebel.. semenjak sy pake topi sering gatal n rontok… dulu jg saking tebel sy cabutin dr tengah kepala,sekarang nyesel nya… itu aja mbak.. makasi ya

  16. Hai Dini, salam kenal… saat ini sy sedang perawatan Kerastase di Irwan Team Emporium, rambur saya rontok karena bekas pemasangan hair extention dan memang rambut sy gak bisa panjang, soalnya klo panjang dikit pasti rontok. Akar rambut sy ga kuat. Dan sy pakai catokan hampir tiap hari. Yang sy mau tanya, dr treatment 1 ke treatment selanjutnya sebaiknya brp lama? 1minggu or 2minggu sekali? Thank

    • sebelumnya maaf baru sempet balas.. perawatan di salon bisa seminggu atau 2 minggu sekali, tapi menurut saya yang paling penting adalah perawatan di rumah setiap hari dengan pake shampoo dan ampule aminexil krn toh saya treatment di Irwan cuma nyoba sekali (abisnya mahal gila sih :P). sebaiknya penggunaan catok rambut & hair dryer dikurangi, sayang kan uda perawatan mahal2 tapi dirusak lagi tiap hari 🙂

  17. hai, numpang nanya doong. boleh tau ga biaya konsultasi di irwan team berapa? karna aku pengen kira-kira biaya yang harus disiapin 🙂

    • konsultasi aja gratis, perawatannya sekitar +/-500K (tergantung kondisi rambut & kulit kepala) tiap kali datang, untuk update harga silakan tanya ke salon2 kerastase langsung.. terima kasih kunjungannya 🙂

  18. It’s not my first time to pay a visit this website, i am browsing this web page dailly and take pleasant information from here all the time.

  19. halo mba, bole info ga dimana bs beli kerastase? pengen beli:(

    • bisa cek di kerastase.com check lokasi kota kamu, tar disitu muncul kerastase ambassador di kota kamu 😉

      • Vika Mandasari

        Thanks ya mba.. oya, mau nanya ni, produk yg mba pk kira2 brp budgetnya? Problem hair loss aku jg sama nih, helaian rambutku termasuk tipis jg..

      • hehehe.. sebenernya kalo rekomendasi dr kerastase, problem hairloss perlu perawatan di salon seminggu 1x selama 6 minggu berturut2 & pemakaian 1 ampul aminexil tiap hari slama 6 minggu, kmdn dilanjutkan 3 ampul per minggu pd 6 minggu ke-2..

        kalo bener2 diikuti saran perawatanny ya kira2 budget bs smp 6-10jt tergantung pemilihan salon perawatanny jg >_<

        *aku sih ga ngikutin sarannya.. mehiiiiillll* 😀

      • Vika Mandasari

        Hihi, aku rencana nya mau pk shampoo n tonik nya gtu sih mba, hehe Kira2 itu brapaan ya?hehe

      • shampoo 250ml : 245rb, hair tonic aminexil 10 ampul : 640rb, 42 ampul : 2,390jt
        tp kata salon2 kerastase 1 agustus bakal naik harga..

      • Vika Mandasari

        oo, klo stimuliste nya itu tonic jg ya mba? Itu brp? Mba nya skrg msi pk kerastase?

      • iya tp itu tonic harian, kalo rontokny msh banyak pakeny harus dr aminexil dulu.. kayany harga sktr 290rb.. skrg baru pake kerastase lg, krn abis lahiran rambut rontok lg 😦

  20. Hei . thanks for your blog . i’m about to buy aminexil my self and looking for review if the product worth the price! After reading ur review. i decided i will get one!


    • You’re welcome. It worth every penny. Good luck! 🙂

      • Hai mba, rambutku juga rontok paraaaah bgt hampir botak. Aku udh coba konsul ke kerastase irwan team di pim. Aku koq di ksh shampo nya yg Bain Divalent ya..sm aku coba 10 vials dulu aminexil. Katanya kulit kepalaku berminyak. Klo mba sndri gmn?
        Oya trnyata pas coba keramas pake shampo itu udhan nya rambutku jd kusut gak jelas. Kira2 klo pake conditioner merk lain ngaruh sm produk yg udh kita pake gak mba? Atau mesti pake kerastase juga? Thq 🙂

      • Nah iya mba, kalo scalp berminyak emang harus diatasi dulu, bisa jadi itu yg nyebabin rontok. Menurutku Bain Divalent & Bain Stimuliste emang bikin rambut kering sih, pake conditioner aja, any brand is OK. Tp kalo oily scalp harus hati2 pake condi, bener2 harus cuma kena batang rambut, kalo kena scalp malah bikin makin berminyak.

        Oh ya, trus saran lagi, tiap abis keramas, sebaiknya rambut langsung dikeringin, bisa pake kipas angin ato hair dryer suhu rendah. Krn kalo dibiarin kering sendiri bisa bikin ketombean. HTH 🙂

      • Masa mba bisa bikin ketombean klo abis keramas gak di keringin? Serem bgt 😦

  21. Hii.. How much is the aminexil when you buy at your second visit? (10 vials)

    Is it really worth it?

  22. Dear mba,,aku jg punya problem rontok parah nih, sama warna rambut kusam. toning hrs 2bln sekali hhmm..
    oia, aku ada disarankan sm teman buat pakai bain volumeactive & inialiste serum harian. itu apa ya beda sama punya mba?
    ditunggu jwbnnya yaa xx 🙂

    • temennya konsultan di salon kerastase apa bukan? kalo bukan, sebaiknya jgn asal diikuti ya. konsul aja, free kok.. saya juga ga hafal semua produk kerastase, tp setau saya volumeactive cuma buat ngembangin rambut, bkn mengatasi rontoknya, jadi jelas beda..

  23. hai kalo lagi cari produk2 kerastase, bs hub aku di 085716082825 yaa . jamin 100% ORI dan lower price drpd di salon atau toko 🙂 lg ada diskon end year sale jugaa

  24. Researching about Kerastase aminexil brought me to your blog. It is quite an expensive product, but I was willing to do try anything to reduce my hair fall. It’s been only a week since I started using it. Hope my hair sheds less after using this for 6 weeks. I too am a stingy person so am using just like the way you did, one vial for two days.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Did you use aminexil again? Has your hair loss stopped? What do you use now?

    • I rarely use aminexil, my hair fall is stop, just normal amount less than 20 strands a day. And I have a bunch of baby hair growing, that’s super cool! 😀
      Good luck! 😉

  25. hi, i have just started using this Kerastase treatment. its my 12th day n i hardly see any improvements infact i have a feeling that i have started loosing more hair after using this treatment , m loosing almost 50-60 strands per day n really worried about this hair fall. Can u please suggest me something with this, should i continue with the same treatment or shall i stop using it??

    • please contact your kerastase salon. that’s why from the beginning I always insist that before trying any kerastase products, please consult it! since this is quite pricey, we should more careful right? 😉

    • Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll lose less hair as the weeks go by. Even I was losing more hair in these past two weeks, I just completed 2 weeks of using aminexil. I was losing more than 100 to 150 hairs per day before this treatment, now I lose around 65 per day, which is such an improvement. I read online that in the beginning we’ll lose more hair and gradually by the 3rd and the 4th week hair fall will reduce.
      I am quite happy with this treatment. I use a vial for 2 days as it is an expensive product. I have bought 42 vials, plan to use 21 vials this time and then after 6 months the rest 21 vials for 6 weeks.

  26. This is a topic which is close to my heart… Cheers! Exactly where are your contact
    details though?

  27. Hello there, I saw one of the comment that you replied stated that you used daily tonic. Do you mind to tell me which daily tonic that you use? I just bought an aminexil not long ago. So far I’m loving the result & thought of just use the shampoo & tonic after this because you & I both know how much aminexil cost. 😀

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