What kind of shopping which is good for health and finance?

Hi readers, it’s been a long time! And this is my 1st finance article in 2012. And yes, I’m talking again about shopping. Who doesn’t love shopping? For women, shopping can be a therapy for stress, looking at cute stuffs and spend some money to have one. But it can be turned to a nightmare and more stress by the time you arrived at home! You think that you actually didn’t need them, you just bought anything pretty without think more. It often happen, right? 😀 So how should we manage our shopping style so it both good for our health and finance?

Ok, first of all I want to concern about the booming online shopping. Who doesn’t love `em? You can just sit, clicking pages, and Voila! your stuff(s) arrived right in front your house! Not many people realize that this kind of behaviour is tricky. Since you can surf kind of unlimited online shopping page website, you may find more cute stuffs in an instant time! You can buy anything you like in a blink of eye. And the result, you might be shock when you saw your account balance is nearly empty or your credit card debt is tremendous. It’s real right? Admit it! 😀

How about offline shopping? You come to some malls, take a walk for several hours and go home with carrying some shopping bags? In my opinion, this kind of shopping is healthier for your body. You have to move your body, and even activate adrenaline (especially when there’s a discount war) :D. But who says it’s better for your finance? Stuffs at mall might be limited, unlike in online stores, but mostly they could be (a bit) more expensive. And when you saw some people queuing for something, you might get interested, then follow what they bought even though you don’t really need `em.

Well, those two kind of shopping has their own advantages and disadvantages. Ok, so how to manage the shopping habit? Here’s the checklist :

  1. Separate your shopping budget every month! Transfer 30% of your monthly income to your shopping account. Do not ever shop from the other budget, you may cut your debit card or freeze it! 😀 You might wonder why it’s only 30%? In my finance formula : max 30% for debt installment (if any),  10-30% saving, 20-40% routine expenses, and max 30% lifestyle.
  2. Consider what kind of stuff do you really need to buy not the stuff do you want to buy. Observe some online stores which sells what you need, and then on weekend you can go to a mall to find a same item. If it’s cheaper, then buy it, if it isn’t just go home and buy it online. If the item you need is might not available in any mall, or too far to reach, you can buy it directly from the page.
  3. Don’t register your credit card in too many online stores. Not that it might insecure, but just to prevent you buy stuffs without more consideration. Think twice before you click the “Buy” in online store.
  4. When you go to a mall, take a walk for several minutes, try to don’t buy anything before you finished all floors. Ask a friend to accompany you, tell them what you really need to buy and ask them to stop you when you try to buy something unnecessary.
  5. Always remember your credit card statement print date and how much you’ve swept it. It should become a major consideration so you can avoid a huge amount of debt in one statement. Because you must pay all your debt every month. Don’t let yourself pay 3.5% interest for the bank.
  6. Do not go to a mall if you don’t need anything. But, if you already trained to stop yourself to buy anything unnecessary, then you may go. Window shopping is only for the one who has discipline!
  7. If you’re registered in some online stores and subscribe for newsletter, you need to read any promotions carefully. If you think it’s not related to what you need, then delete it immediately to avoid you think twice and find it cute! 😀

Well, that’s all the tips and tricks. Keep healthy and wealthy. Let’s implement the smart shopping behaviour, girls! ^_^

*image source : http://bit.ly/wuFbtO


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