[MV] IU – Last Fantasy

Oh God, IU reveals her new music video, Last Fantasy. The 9th track of her 2nd studio album. The orchestra makes this song absolutely beautiful, and in addition IU’s voice is stunning! I’m crying 1st time I saw and hear this MV. Check it out now!


joheun kkumeul kkwotjyo
eoneu kkotboda areumdaun
chan baramgyeore ibul danggimyeo
nuneul tteuni oneurieotjyo
eoneusae gyejeoldo bakkwieotjyo

hayan haneulgwa paran gureumjogakdeul
nae mamdaero geuryeojideon got
dasi mannal su isseulkka
tto naege olkka

* adeukhan geon eonjena, neul areumdapge boijyo
gakkai dagaseon sesangeun naege mwol boyeojulkkayo
ajik geobi manheun ireon na
geudaeramyeon naega gidaedo doelkkayo
deo jogeumman mameul yeoreo jullaeyo
geudaen nugunga pillyohaji annnayo


geureon jeok eomnayo
aju gin jameul jan geotcheoreom
eojewa saljjak dareun gonggie
waenji haruga natseol ttae
waenji modeun ge natseol ttae

naui achimi nugungaui bamiran
aju dangyeonhan geu sasiri
wae iri oeroungeonji wae seulpeungeonji

* Repeat

kkok nacheoreom

nae majimak pantajireul nae gaseume yeongwonhi

naragal su itdamyeon nan geudaeege gal tende
hajiman jinan bam kkum sogui uimireul naneun mideoyo
ajik moreuneunge manheun na
jeo muneul yeolgo georeonagado doegetjyo
nal cheoncheonhi gidaril su innayo
gidohaejwoyo neomeojiji antorok
nareul mideoyo


I had a good dream
A dream more lovely than any flower
As the cold breeze came in, I pulled up the blankets
And as I opened my eyes, it was today
Before I knew it, the season had changed

White skies and blue fragments of cloud
A place where I could draw anything I wanted
Will I be able to see you again?
Will you come to me again?

* Faraway things always look beautiful
If I move closer, what will the world show me?
I still have many fears
Will you let me lean on you?
Will you open your heart a little more?
Don’t you need to rely on someone?

Like me?

Have you ever felt like that?
As if you’ve been sleeping for a really long time
When the air feels slightly different from the day before
When somehow the day feels unfamiliar
When somehow everything feels unfamiliar

My mornings are nights to others
That’s an obvious truth
I wonder why it makes me so lonely, so sad

* Repeat

Just like me

My last fantasy, forever in my heart

If I could fly, I would fly to you
But I trust the meaning of my dream last night
I still don’t know many things
It’ll be fine if I open that door and walk out, right?
Will you be able to wait for me patiently?
Please pray for me that I won’t fall
Believe in me

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  1. Mike Schuder

    IU, truly a remarkable young lady….

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