Java Jazz Festival 2012

This was my first big jazz event I ever watched, and this is always the biggest Jazz event in Indonesia! I fell in love with Jazz since I was a high school student, the first song I know is Al Jarreau’s “Take Five”, a high-class accapella was magically attracted my ears. After that, my cousin introduce me to another jazz songs like Incognito’s “Still A Friend of Mine”, Level 42’s “Dive Into The Sun”, and many more. Not so long after my short introduction to Jazz, Indonesia began to familiar with Maliq and D’Essentials with their soul-funk style in their first single “Untittled”.

I’ve grown crazy in loving Jazz. When I was in the college there were a Jazz festival in my university every year, I always enjoyed every single performance time by time. I’ve dreamed for 5 years to watch the biggest Jazz event in Indonesia, Java Jazz Festival! And now that dream was came true. πŸ™‚

This event was held in three days 2-4 March, but unfortunately I were watched it only in Saturday and Sunday. Here it is the pictures of the show… Not a good one, don’t have time to edit *lazy* πŸ˜€


Soil and ‘Pimp’ Session

2012-03-03 17.21.30


2012-03-03 20.33.25

Mamas Gun

Anyway, some of these picture were taken on Saturday when I forgot to bring my DSLR camera, so I they’re just taken from camera phone. Then on Sunday, I didn’t forget to bring my Alif πŸ™‚

Dave Koz and The Band




Al Jarreau & George Duke (Special Show)


Barry White Show & The Pleasure Unlimited Orchestra


Bobby McFerrin

So, that’s my 1st experience watching a biggest international jazz event in Indonesia. Hopefully I have another chance to enjoy the next Java Jazz. Thank’s to Sindy, Rifky (Acung). Mira, Mba Ayu who were went along with me on Saturday, and had an unforgetable “crazyFortuner driver” experience in Wiyoto Wiyono Highway :D. And also thank’s to my beloved husband who drove me on Sunday, and wait patiently even he doesn’t enjoy Jazz so much :p


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