Dieng Platteau – One day trip

What a great long weekend! That’s a perfect words to explain my latest trip. Semarang is one of a perfect holiday destination for me, of course because my family lives there. Actually, I didn’t plan to go anywhere during Nyepi, but suddenly I bought a bus ticket to my beloved hometown.

After 12 hours, finally I arrived in my house at 10pm. In the early morning, my father thought he wanted to go to Dieng, and I said a big-big yes! 😀 So, all of us prepare our needs in such a hurry. At 10am we departured. With a big smile on our face. 🙂


We stop for praying and lunch. We had lunch after arrived in Wobosobo, the restaurant’s name is Dieng Kledung Pass. It has a very beautiful scenery and fresh air. I ordered oxtail soup (the most expensive one, it’s on my dad :p).


At 2pm, we finally arrived in Dieng Platteau. We have to pay Rp 2000/person to enter the lake and Rp 10000 for parking. Oh gosh, I regret I didn’t visit Dieng before! The lake is very beautiful, and my mom said that it was 3 colors back then, green, white, red. But yesterday I only saw green and white. The lake contains sulfur, we’re able to smell it since we arrived in the parking lot.



I also felt really bad since I didn’t bring Alif (my Sony A380)along in this journey :(. So, all of these pictures were taken from my cell phone. After visited the lake, we continued to the crater. We also need to pay another tickets, this one is more expensive, Rp 10000/person. A strong smell of sulfur welcomed us, also with it’s gorgeous paint of God!


It was wonderful right? After we’re satisfied, we left Dieng, then stopped by in my brother’s friend’s house, still in Wonosobo. They served us one of Wonosobo’s special dish named “Mie Ongklok” for dinner.


At first, I thought it was ordinary noodle, but it wasn’t. The soup was contained maizena, so that the texture is lil bit thick. Beside noodle, it also has tofu, cabbage, and sprinkled with fried onion and peanut. Unique taste, but unfortunately it’s not hot and spicy.

Here’s the review, since I went to Dieng by car, I don’t know exactly how to reach there by public transportation. But you can take bus from Terboyo bus station in Semarang to Wonosobo, after that, I think you can rent a car or take minibus. Dieng has a very beautiful scenery, and it’s quiet cold, if you usually live in a hot town like Jakarta/Surabaya/Semarang, I think you should bring a jacket. The road to Dieng is kinda dangerous, there is opportunities for landslides. It is caused by a number of local farmers who grow potatoes around cliffs that are usually covered with pine trees. So we shouldn’t go there during a heavy rain, and leave the location before dark so we can pass the cliff safely.

Well, that’s all about my short journey. My country is very beautiful, hopefully the government can expand Dieng with an easier public tranportation. Happy weekend, no worries for Monday! 🙂

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