Dream Theater World Tour – Dramatic Turn of Events

Jakarta, April 21st 2012 was one of my historical day for me. As a Dream Theater fan, I couldn’t imagine my self miss the great concert of Dream Theater World Tour in Indonesia. This is their first time after 25 years of musical career. Well, at first I were not sure to watch it, for some reason. But then, I think how could I possibly say goodbye to once in a lifetime chance? That day, I went to Ancol, bought ticket on the spot to watch John Peter Petrucci and friends.

At 7:30 pm the gate is opened, more than 8000 fans were hurried to get inside Mata Elang International Stadium Ancol including my friends and I. We were in festival class, standing. Since most of DT fans are guys, I felt humiliated because of my figure. I think that might be my first time felt so short :(. But well, I were really excited waiting for the show. At  8:30, the audience lights were turned off and suddenly it’s getting extremely crowd! And the opening artist came up, Andy McKee.

It was the 1st time I heard him, but he’s damn so good with his acoustic guitars. Played 5 of his songs including “Drifting” and “Rylynn”, very clean and super neat! After Andy McKee finished his last songs, I thought the management didn’t prepare well, we had to wait more than 30 mins for Dream Theater. I already felt tired, since I didn’t have a proper food that day, only a small amount of noodle in the morning. Beside that, I was lack of oxygen!

From the edge of the stage, try to catch some oxygen

“Bridges In The Sky” was their opening song, all members of Dream Theater showed on the stage. Oh God, I even couldn’t believe my self seeing Mike Mangini, John Petrucci, John Myung, Jordan Rudess and James LaBrie performing in front of me!

After that, they played “6:00” and “Build Me Up Break Me Down”. Unfortunately, during their 3rd songs, I felt really dizzy. Everything in my eyes were pitch dark. I told my friend that I should get out from the crowd to save my self. I tried to catch my breath at the side of the crowd since the air cond was much better. Then I bought a bottle of tea, and suddenly I felt fresh again, magic! So I stood up (still at the side) and enjoyed the show with full power!

Their next songs were “Surrounded”, “The Root of All Evil”. After that, The Fastest Drummer in The World, Mike Mangini performed hypnotized us by playing solo! He’s crazy, man! *describing his playing is too complicated for me, just check out on YouTube guys* :P. After Mangini’s solo, they continued with  “A Fortune In Lies” and “Outcry”.

LaBrie and Petrucci sat down together, made us feels more relax, and showed their acoustic performance, “Silent Man” and “Beneath the Surface”. The Grammy nominee, “On The Backs of Angels” was also played and continued with “War Inside My Head” and “The Test That Stumped Them All”.

Petrucci performed solo

After that, one of my most favorite guitarist in the world, John Peter Petrucci performed solo with his outstanding skills. Guitarist who also will be joined with Joe Satriani and Steve Morse in the G3 tour this year was managed to make the audience amazed and gave a rousing applause for his stunning solo performances.

Then their performed the mandatory song in all Dream Theater concert, one of the mandatory song during the audition to replace Mike Portnoy position, “The Spirit Carries On”. Suddenly, MEIS became like a choir stage, everybody sang along with LaBrie. After that, they finished the concert by played “Breaking All Illusions” which is written and composed by John Myung, the bassist. After that song, all members left the stage and say goodbye to fans.

It was like, “Oh God, after all the suffering part, should it end now?”. So everybody, include me were screaming “We want more! We want more!” or “Encore! Encore!”. Finally they’re back to the stage (though I knew it’s all planned anyway 😛 ), and we’re getting more and more crowded. They played “Pull Me Under” for the very last time in this show. It was a great-great closing song! Feels like it’s too soon to end the show, I wish they also played one of my favourite song “Another Day”, but they did satisfied all Indonesia fans that night.

A little evidence 😛

Thank you for coming to Indonesia, thank you for introduce me to progressive metal, thank you for made me love Dream Theater from the 1st time when I heard my cousin played “The Spirit Carries On” with his band 8 years ago, and thank God for gave them a magical talent (it’s not Harry Potter, Dude! :D). Glad that I have the opportunity to enjoy “The Professors” show. Thank’s to my understanding husband who allowed me to go, and thank’s to a dear friend who allowed me to join him, had an awesome time and took me to get home safely. 🙂


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