NKOTBSB – One Night, One Stage, The Best Last Moment in Jakarta

New Kids on The Block & Backstreet Boys’ opening act
taken from : http://www.wowkeren.com/berita/tampil/00021259.html

Previously, I posted about my resignation letter to all my colleagues, and thank’s for reading it. Actually, the reason I went home early is because I have to prepare my self to watch NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Blocks & Backstreet Boys) show in MEIS Ancol :D. Me and two of my friends bought the tickets since aseveral months ago, even I still didn’t have a plan to resign that day :D. You know why? Backstreet Boys is my first love in pop music, before Britney Spears of course. I started enjoy their music since I was 4th grade of elementary school. So, since that time I have possibility to attend the show (working in Cikarang which is only 1 hour to Jakarta) I decided that I have to go! πŸ˜€

You might think that I have a strange sense of music, since previously I posted about 2PM, Java Jazz Festival, then Dream Theater, and now is Backstreet Boys :D. Yes, I’m a jazz & rock worshipper, but I also like pop musics since it’s fun and sometimes my ears need some easy listening ones. And sometimes my eyes need some fresh looks also *LoL*.

So here it is, NKOTBSB, June 1st 2012, MEIS Ancol. They opened the concert at 8 PM sharp! Good Lord! They even still as handsome as 15 years ago! I’m not gonna review the whole concert, just enjoy these eye-candy pictures I got from one of my friends, since I don’t bring a camera and my cell-phone battery was drained! >.<

perfect harmonies!

Keviiin, where are you? 😦

Group dance of NKOTB (from the screen) & BSB (plus the bodyguard’s head) πŸ˜›

They hypnotized thousands of people with their nostalgic songs and “still quite energeticΒ move”. Even NKOTB Danny Wood did some break-dance and ! πŸ˜€ And BSB was as usual, charming! They brought some audience to join them on stage and sing “I`ll never break your heart” and made the rest of us screamed of jealousy! πŸ˜€

Personally, I don’t really know many of NKOTB songs, since they were at the top of their popularity in 80’s (I was born in 1988 :D). I’ve felt familiar with some of their popular songs like “Step by Step” and “I`ll be Loving You Forever”. But don’t you ever ask about my loyalty to BSB! Good God! I sang along during all of their performance till the end! πŸ˜€

It’s so disappointing that Kevin Richardson couldn’t join in this concert. Actually he already quit BSB, but made a comeback in May. But thank’s to them who did a very great performance, I do satisfied! Best concert I’ve watched ever! Thank’s to Berlian Entertainment for their hard work and good management so this concert is close to perfect, the schedule is on-time, the stage was great, the lightning was dramatic! Farewell Jakarta, I’ll be missing you! πŸ™‚





* There were many public figures at that time, I noticed DJ Winky, Shanti, Project Pop personels, some familiar models I don’t remember the names, and even SBY’s son Ibas

** During watching this show and got hyped in festival area, I didn’t know that I was 2 weeks pregnant!! Haha πŸ˜€ Please wish my baby will be always healthy πŸ˜‰


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  1. Wowowowo…tulisan terakhir ituu lhoo…
    seriously?? Woo..selamaat yaa..
    semoga bayi dalam kandungan tetap sehat selalu dan bisa melahirkan dengan mudah dan selamat. Amiin ^^
    *peluuukks diniii

  2. dini….. waaaaaah…. aku baru tau *baca kalimat terakhir, itu pun setelah dikasih tau uul* πŸ˜€
    selamat yaaaa…… semoga tetep sehat ^___^

    *nick carter tetep ganteng yak :p

    • Haha, iya mba, ini uda kubawa jejingkrakan, pdhl disono smpt gedek2 liat bumil nonton di festival, eh ga taunya :)))
      Nick ganteng, smw pd gendutan yak. πŸ˜€ Eh Kevin skrg uda balik k BSB, ngeselin ya kmren ga ikutan 😦

  3. walah.. jarang mampir kesini nih πŸ˜€
    jadi inget dulu pas mau beli tiket bingung kalo kali aja udah ketambahan bayik…eh kejadiaaaan.. selamat ya πŸ™‚

    • eh iya ya mba :)) dulu dini disuru beli yg gold (seat) sama masku lho pdhl, tp eh aku bandel malah beli lg yg festival n gold kujual. disana pecicilan pisaaaan, 2 minggu kmdian baru tau kalo hamil o_O hahaha.
      makasih lho mba uda mampir sinih :-*

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