The Most Expensive Meal!

Hi guys, how’s your day? Mine? Screwed up! I just did an english test this morning, and a person behind me is so noisy! He read each sentence by whispering but super loud, I hardly could concentrate with my own test book! >_<

Well, forget that noisy one. I'll tell you what's the worst yesterday. Do you have an experience in enjoying a fine meal in a fine restaurant? How much it cost? Before yesterday the most expensive food I ever paid is 230k (IDR) for 200grams of a delicate steak at Outback's.
Although it’s not the best steak (Holycow’s steak is always the best) but I’m quite flatterd. It’s delicious, juicy, and smells good. Also the environment is cozy.


But yesterday, I bought two pieces of macaroons for 35k (IDR), at its diameter were less than 5cm! T_T…. I just need one bite and chunk each of it in less than 1 minutes! Don’t ask the taste, it’s just ordinary sweet, not special at all. So, I pronounce macaroon as the most expensive food I ever bought! 😀


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