[Review] L’occitane En Provence

After around 5 years using medicated cream from a wellknown skin care clinic in Indonesia, I choose to graduately stop it. No particular reason actually. My skin is always in normal-to-oily combination type. Easily got pimples any time (high hormones, super hot climate, stress, forget to wash my face before bed, etc). Then I’m doing some research, it turned out than our skin could be kinda saturated if we use one product for too long. Since our skin condition can be changed, we should upgrade the treatment also (that’s what the article said — from Harper’s Bazaar Magazine). So I continued my research in finding what’s the best alternative for my skin.

Actually, when my pimples problem was getting better, the doctor then upgraded her prescription, different type of creams. But unfortunately, my skin is not suitable with those upgraded creams, so the pimples came out again, and I had to back to the initial treatment. That problem was an annoying cycle. When I used the primary (initial) acne treatment, I don’t have any problem, pimples problem is controlled, but my skin is not improved. I had some redness which wouldn’t leave me alone, it’s devastating! T_T

Finally, I’ve sorted two brands out of million skin care brands. Clinique and L’occitane. Clinique’s acne three-step is quite well known for acne treatment, and I’ve read many reviews about that. On the other hand, I’ve knew L’occitane from my friend testimony. At first I asked some of my friends about what’s their skin care products. Most of them are using medicated creams also, but from different skin care clinic than mine. Since I don’t have any plan to use any medicated cream anymore, I didn’t count their testimonies as helpful for my current situation (but thank’s a lot for sharing). Until one of my friend answered she’s using L’occitane. I even saw her bought some products when we’re hanging out together.

L’occitane claims that they’re using natural ingredients, and it’s main ingredients even organic. I think it’s a good point. So I decided to choose L’occitane over Clinique. One day, I visited L’occitane boutique in Galaxy Mall Surabaya, the SA suggest me to use their Angelica-Lemon series as my main treatment due to my skin type (combination normal-oily). My first buy were the facial foam and Essence Sublime (serum). It turns out that I don’t have any problem with those two. So I bought, and bought, and bought their other products (deym!) 😀 So, here’s my review one by one :


left-to-right : immortelle brightening exfoliator, angelica matifying toner, angelica foam cleanser

1. Angelica Ultra Foaming Cleanse (4.75/5)

I can tell you, this is the first time I madly in love with a foam! At first I were a little bit worry, whether foam is able to clean until the skin’s pore or not, and this product gives me a satisfying answer. It smells wonderful and cleanse my skin perfectly without drain it out. The texture is very smooth. When I’m using a heavy make up during my graduation ceremony, I can perfectly cleaned my face after wash my face twice with each two pumps.

2. Angelica Ultra Matifying Toner (4.5/5)

The toner performs well. Gives me fresh feeling, and still, lovable smell. For the record, I don’t rub my face when applying any toner. I just tap it and leave it dry.

3. Angelica Essence Sublime (5/5)

The SA said that I should use this serum, since it’s hydrating my skin and able to increase skin’s elasticity. They also claimed (mentioned in it’s leaflet) that it able to decrease skin’s redness and tightened pores. Heard “serum” kinda made me worry if it could make my skin more oily. Long time ago I tried a vitamin C serum at it’s terrible! I had soo many pimples and my face is super oily (I wish I could squeeze it and sell it so I could make profit :D). But finally she could persuade me to bought it, she said it won’t make skin become oily, it will absorbs quickly and we don’t even realize we’re using a serum. And yes, it’s all true! I only use in a size of corn pea for the whole face and neck, it spreads and absorbs easily! Super light! After using this serum for a month, my maid said that my skin looks much better, reduced redness and smoother skin. My friend, my husband, even my mother in law gave the same opinions about my improved skin. And the best is, I don’t gain any pimples (exceptional for two or three hormonal PMS pimples :p).

4. Sublime Beauty Creme (BB Cream) with Angelica Extract (4.5/5)

The phenomenal BB cream was super booming. Many skin care/make-up brands produce it in various way. So does L’occitane with Angelica extracts as their main ingredient. BB cream can perform as make-up base yet moisturizer and also contain sun protection (SPF 30). Texture is smooth, hide 70% acne scars, 90% redness and refining pores. I choose Light instead of Medium colour, though I’m afraid that my face would look like wearing a mask, but no it blends naturally in my skin. I think if you use this BB cream regularly, especially the one with acne problems, we should a little bit paying more attention when cleansing our face.


angelica ultra matte fluid, angelica BB cream, angelica essence sublime

5. Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid (4/5)

This moisturizer is sooo light. I doesn’t feels greasy at all. Runny texture and easily absorbed. We can use it after the serum, day and night. Leaves our skin hydrated. As the serum, we only need two pumps (two size of corn peas) for whole face and neck. Unfortunately this moisturizer doesn’t have sunscreen on it. So make sure you apply sunscreen again before going out.

6. Immortelle Brightening Instant Exfoliator (4/5)

It’s my first immortelle series. I bought this product since I want to minimize my acne scars. Immortelle brightening series contain the extract of immortelle flowers as anti-aging and bellis perenis (daisy) as the brightening. After first time using this scrub, my face instantly felt supple and of course smooth. But I think the scrubs is little bit too rough for sensitive skin or the one who’s currently having acne problem since scrubbing may activate oil glands and resulting more pimples. I little bit regret I didn’t choose the angelica scrubs which has softer scrub beads (but doesn’t have brightening effect)


7. Immortelle Brightening Moisturizer — Tester (3.5/5)

First time ai tried this cream is the sample size. At first I thought it’s a perfect night treatment. It’s creamy yet light texture moisturize and hydrate my skin, leave a smooth and gentle feeling. Suitable for air-conditioned room. But unfortunately if I use it for day treatment, especially when I need outdoor activity (in this terribly hot city) it’s just a little bit more oily compared to the angelica BB cream or angelica ultra matte fluid. After used the sample for 4-5 days, I didn’t find any trouble, so I bought a jar if it. Unfortunately, after 2 weeks I noticed there were a lot of comedos on my skin, these comedos have potential to be pimples. Heuu.. Too bad I successfuly wasted money for this cream 😦

8. Divine Eye Cream — Tester (4.5/5)

Actually, I’m about to give 4 poin for this product, but considering soo many positive review in other site like female daily or make up alley, so I decided to give it 4.5 poin. The thing is, I don’t think I need premium anti-aging treatment yet, I can’t tell you the effect except it’s light and gentle for eye area skin. But I want to recommend my mom trying this product, since she might be need anti-aging treatment :p

9. Milk Concentrate Body Cream — Tester (4.5/5)

This is one of the best selling product of L’occitane. I got its tester twice, actually I like it very much, it moisturize my skin without make me feel wet (especially in hand and foot area). The fragrance is lovable, and I think I don’t need any perfume (I don’t really like using perfume too, deodorant is enough) but contrary, my maid said it’s too strong. The only problem is I think it’s way overpriced for a body cream. That’s why I still not tempted to buy 😀


My L’occitane Collection

That’s all about my review about L’occitane. Overall, I think this is a high quality skin care products. I highly recommend you ask the tester first before decided to buy it so you know whether your skin can tolerate it or not, consider that the price is kinda expensive (for me). Thank you for keep reading in this loooong article. Have a nice skin! 😉


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