Nasi Goreng Rendang

This morning, I really want to eat nasi goreng (fried rice). But I kinda bored with the recipe, and suddenly I got an idea to make nasi goreng rendang since I have some packs of it in my fridge. This is my favorite rendang ever, made by my dear friends Anthonio & Tika. Hihihi. Well, with some modification, here’s my recipe :

Seasoning :
– 5 red onions (chopped)
– 3 garlics (chopped)
– some red chilis (chopped)
– 2tbs of sweet soy sauce
– salt
– rendang (chopped)
– 2 plates of rice
– fried onions
– tomatos (sliced)

How to cook :
1. Stir fry the onions, garlic, chilis
2. Add the sweet soy sauce
3. Add the rice and salt, mixed it up
4. Add the rendang and its sauce, mixed it up
5. Add some fried onions and tomato slices for garnish


Enjoy! 🙂


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