Human Development Programs in Companies or Institutions

Starting to write again…………

It has been a while for me not writing any post in this blog. I’ve been too busy (or lazy) to spare time for writing. But starting from now, I’ll start writing again, hopefully I can be more consistant now. ūüėõ

Today, along with 29 collegues, we started our IELTS preparation camp in Prigen. Thank’s to our university that already sent us for this camp. This is one of lecturer’s development program of our university. It is cool, isn’t? Well I think it is. A good company is not only about recruiting good individuals, but also consistently making some development program to elevate the output from each person and also the team. The improvement it self, will give advantage(s) both for the employee and the company. Based on this program, I would like to share my thoughts about human development programs in companies or institutions.

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When I was working for one of a multinational company, they also have some human development programs such as seminars, trainings, and joint projects with other branch in different country. Most government institution and some private or public companies might allow their employees to take higher education (for example master degree) without any dismissal. A good company, with a broad visions will not only thinking about making instant money by doing production and selling stuffs. They will also spend some money to be invested in education for their resources. By that human developing programs, the company may get a lot of advantages and even a better revenue. Well-trained and well-educated people tend to work smarter, more efficient, and have better ability as a decission maker because they might see a problem in some different point of views.

As a lecturer, we have a responsibility to always improve our self. But sometimes, when we get too busy with rutinity -in this case as a lecturer we have to teach classes, research and doing community services- we forget to empty the half space of our glass to fill in with (maybe) some other type of drinks. In my opinion, this IELTS preparatation camp is like a fresh sparkling water for me. The goal of this program is to have a good english ability (especially in IELTS test) as one of the most important requirements to apply for higher education abroad. Yes we are projected to be able to get our Ph.D or doctoral degree¬†from other country especially in a well-developed countries. By having more resources studying abroad will increase the university’s quality such as the increasing of staffs’ writing in some renowned international journals, more opportunities to cooperate with other universities, and also make our institution become more well-known¬†globally. Because of those reasons, this program is created, to improve lecturer’s quality¬†so the quality of the university will certainly follows.

Then, what if there’s a question like this “What if after we give¬†our employee some development programs, and after they become well-trained they will leave us for (maybe) a better salary in other company?”. Yes, employee hijacking is quite common in many¬†companies. But actually, if that’s the case, the “abandoned” company will not be fully at loss. Why a person is hijacked to other company? What is the reason¬†other company is willing to offer a better salary for someone? Yes, because that person is¬†good at what he/she¬†does. A company which has¬†a good quality “graduates” will also gets the prestige. It¬†will be noticed that it has a good working environment so it can creates a good human resources output.

In the end, all I can say that human development programs is highly essential for making a better company our insititution. It will gives a lot of advantages for the company/institution it self in a broad aspects. As it said by Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

Special quote : “The key to success in writing is writing, writing, and keep writing.” – M.Choiri


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