What makes you (look) smart?

Hi guys! How are you? I’m really in the mood today, since I’ll be watching the premier of Star Wars VII The Force Awakens for a less than an hour! While waiting, I would like to ask you something’s hard. Hahaha. How do you define your intelligence? What’s your good at? Are you now living your life? *crap, it’s too hard!* ūüėõ

Well, this has became my concern since I was a teenager. First, I’d like to share about my childhood. I grew up in a quite typical (Asian) family whose parents are really concern about our academic scores and achievements at school. My mother, especially, was never passed a single day ordering me to study.¬†Can you guess what’s the most frequent subject she mentioned over and over? It’s easy! Yes, Math! She thinks (until today) that Math is the God of all knowledge, and I would¬†not be succeed if I didn’t master Math in school.


Image courtesy : http://www.efictionindia.in

The truth is, I really really love to read since I was in elementary school.¬†At the beginning of every semester, after we got textbooks from school, I was always read Bahasa Indonesia book and I could finish the whole short stories in a single night.¬†Then I began to love read novels. You know, when my mom saw I read stories, she would be upset and asked me to stop and continue to study other thing such as Math (mostly) or science. Well, don’t hate my mom, she just got it wrong like a lot of other people. She just wanted to see her daughter became a successful woman in the future by becoming a doctor (mostly) or engineer. Hahaha.

Actually, I also love science as well, but you can imagine how I felt if a boring thing like studying are being sounded over and over. Then studying will become a burden. When I took tests for university, my mom said I had to take med school or at least engineering. And here I am, standing as an engineer yet lecturer. Of course, thank’s to my mom. ūüôā

Nevertheless, sometimes I wonder, what will I be today if my mom never pushed me to take a special concern on science? A journalist? A public speaker? A biologist? An artist? *L0L* Make friends with a lot of people from different backgrounds makes me realize, that all of us have different capability, that intelligence can be divided into several categories. Like how Howard Garner presented as multiple intelligence.


Image courtesy : https://www.emaze.com

People can have different intelligence to any multidimentional problems in their entire life. Multiple intelligence theory explains there are eight categories :

  • Linguistic/verbal intelligence
  • Logic intelligence
  • Intrapersonal intelligence
  • Interpersonal intelligence
  • Musical/rhytmic intelligence
  • Visual and spatial intelligence
  • Kinesthetic intelligence
  • Naturalistic intelligence

A person can have all of those abilities, but maybe one, two, or three will stand out more than the others. Each type surely can be contributed to the world eqully. We’re not talking about math here, so equal doesn’t always the same, it’s equally different. Therefore, it’s absolutely not wise to¬†underestimate other people who pursue different things from us.

mars rover

If you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory serial, you’ll be familiar with an episode in season 8th about Howard Wolowitz, an aerospace engineer/astronaut, had been asked to throw¬†a ceremonial first pitch. He realized that he’s sucks in kinesthetic intelligence, that’s why he decided to present Mars Rover, (a robot prototype he’s been working on) as the pitcher. Well, unfortunately it turned out the Mars Rover walked way too slow, poor Howie! =)))


Note :

  • For a full decription about multiple intellegence, please refer to these links¬†: A¬†(English), B¬†(English), C¬†(Bahasa)
  • For a full script of S08E03 “The First Pitch Insufficiency” click here



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