Blog Introduction

This blog is written by me, Pradini Puspitaningayu, mother of a beautiful little girl, and also a right-brained-engineer. It tells everything, doesn’t have a special theme, just write anything she wants to share. Looking for a specific one? Choose the categories :

  • Book Review I love reading, especially novels. So, if you like to read too, you’ll love it!
  • Cooking and Baking Not an expert in cooking and baking, I basically posted what I’ve tried to cook. 🙂
  • Finance Lately I’ve become a finance freak! Go check em out!
  • Knowledge A very general knowledge, nothing’s specified, just any knowledge you may need to know.
  • Lifestyle Yeah, I love shopping and having fun with foods! 😀
  • News Some big news that you might already read from other website or never (?)
  • Personal My personal posting, it might not be important or otherwise it’s interesting 😛
  • Music & Photoworks It about my (love) stories with Alif, my Sony Alfa DSLR A-350 and of course MUSIC!

Hopefully you can enjoy this blog. Please follow this blog and have a nice experience with us! ^_^v

  1. Wow wow wow …………………….. Writing is the best way to speak to The Globe

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