My name is Pradini Puspitaningayu. Born in Semarang, 24 years ago. I spent 15 years in Demak, a small town near Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. In 2003 I moved to Semarang to study in SMA 3 Semarang. After that, in 2006, I moved to Malang to study in Brawijaya University. My major was electrical engineering and my sub-major is telecommunication and my thesis was about the effect of soft handoff in increase the performance of UMTS network.

I’m the first child in family, and I have a brother. My dad works as civil servant in Central Java’s Governance, and my mom is also a civil servant of Kabupaten Demak. My family is very nice, they love me without all of their hearts, and I absolutely love them too! 🙂

Now i’m working at one of Korean Electronics company. My office is located in Cikarang, Bekasi. My position is a software engineer in Research and Development (R&D) Division. I started work here on September 2010. Before that, I have an experience working at one of international cigarette company in Pasuruan but only for 4 months. I started work there since I was still a college student. I was incharged as a training module author in Training Center Division.

Finally, since a quote said “No matter how smart you are, people will forget you until you write!”, so I started to write a blog, I wish someday I will be able to write my own book, amin… 🙂

Well, nice to meet you, hope you enjoy my blog, and please left a comment 😛 🙂

  1. *permisi numpang lewat*

  2. When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !

  3. permisis numpang leawt y

  4. ‘superman’ style.. do you still rememer? 😀

  5. blogroll aku mbak… :3

  6. good biography anyway…keep spirit..

  7. Banyak juga ya cikarang di wordpress.. hehehe.. Boleh kunjung balik loh..


  8. Mantapp!!!! Salam kenal ya!!! 🙂 saya juga lagi belajar jadi bloger!!! 🙂

  9. ok, mantap…,I like your blog.thanks

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